University of Bath


What are the best things about studying at your university?


"The campus is relatively small so you get to know loads of people! It's a really safe city and, although you live on campus, you're only a ten-minute bus journey from town. It's a very sociable uni with many club nights and lots of support is available on campus. Also, we're very close to Bristol if you want a big night out."
"Some great sporting facilities with a range of societies available. The town of Bath is delightful and my department is very prestigious."
"The course content is interesting and accommodation is nice and affordable."
"Lecturers and sports facilities are good, as is the social life."
"Fantastic economics department. The university has links with top employers to help us secure placements that then help us in the search for a graduate job. A lot of employers have said they look for Bath students especially. It's a beautiful city with friendly students and staff and the social life at Bath is really good. We're have highly ranked BUCS teams and really prominent recreational sports."
"The course is one of the best in the country and the campus is very pretty. The weather is usually nicer than other places in England because of the location."
"It's a very homely city that made the transition from countryside life to city life very easy. It's a beautiful place with amazing people."
"The department provided a lot of learning support and there's a wide range of societies to choose from. There are also a lot of excellent facilities like the sports training village."
"We have a placement year option. The city is great and we're on a small campus with a good community atmosphere."
"The city is a lovely place to live and has a great environment. My course is also reasonably small and there's a great community feel."

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