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Diverse backgrounds

Please let us know whether you think your university does enough to attract and cater for students from a diverse range of backgrounds?


"It's not particularly diverse, although it does reflect the diversity of Somerset as a county."
"There's quite a variety of people at Bath and the university is supportive of those who may struggle economically at uni. There is a bursary and reduced fees for those from lower economic backgrounds."
"A third of students are not from the UK so Bath is very international. There are also societies for loads of nations so international students are made to feel welcome."
"Bath is an expensive town, both in terms of accommodation and prices in bars and restaurants etc. The high prices also apply to the food offered on campus. Moreover, student accommodation is pretty overpriced with regular increases in costs as well. Due to the high prices, most people studying at the university come from affluent backgrounds."
"I think it does as much as it can."


"I think they cater for everyone with many societies available."
"I think the university does cater for other backgrounds but Bath in general is not very diverse."
"I do. During freshers' week there are always events for international students."
"Yes it does, there are societies and clubs for literally everyone."
"With the set up of the ethnic minorities in higher education debates and societies, the students are being more informed about issues that those who feel they are minorities face and that they should have a voice among the student population. This in turn presents a positive image to students from a range of backgrounds. There are also many ethnic and cultural societies that help foreign students and students from different cultural backgrounds to feel like they would be accepted at Bath."
"There are many international student societies, meet-ups and support."
"Yes. Numerous presentations are held overseas to advertise the university."
"The widening participation office does a great job of interacting with school children who might not necessarily think of university as a path towards a career."
"Yes, they organise events celebrating different cultures."
"It does not cater to poorer backgrounds and could do much more to promote itself to these backgrounds."

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