University of Bath


What are the worst things about studying at your university?


"The clubs are tiny. Sometimes feels like you're stuck on campus."
"The level of overcrowding and over-subscription of students has led to no free spaces in the library, the gym or other university facilities."
"Bath is a nightmare for traffic."
"Difficult to find accommodation."
"The campus is overcrowded at peak times but they are working overtime to build more study spaces and accommodation (eg we have a new library currently being built in the city centre). Bath is a very busy town, which means there can be a lot of traffic and bus routes get really busy."
"Bus services are not always reliable and some staff can be difficult to reach or contact."
"Some student accommodation isn't very nice."
"The social life could be better and there's not enough space to work in the library etc."
"The lack of work spaces in the library and the lack of facilities that larger universities tend to offer. The cost of living is also high."
"It's expensive to live in Bath."

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