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What are the best things about studying at your university?


"It is a campus university so it is very easy to go around and everything is very close by. Also, the campus is only about 20 minutes away by bus from the city centre, which means students get a happy medium of being on an island separate from the city but still not far away. Also, there are hundreds of societies and therefore it is impossible not to find an activity that suits you. The teaching is very good with modern buildings and facilities including touchscreens, Apple computers and big lecture screens etc. The campus is very pretty with lots of trees and plants, a lake and a beautiful historical building. Overall, it is a pleasant place to study in."
"The college system means you are a part of it for the whole period of your university career even once you move out of halls. There are lots of sports teams you can join within it as well. The careers service is very helpful and York is full of different and great bars and pubs."
"The quality of the accommodation is good and the location makes it easy to go into the main city with a cheap fare."
"I love the fact that it's a campus university so everything is close to each other. The facilities are superb and they have a drive to get a lot of online resources for subjects. It's really friendly and has a great careers service."
"The gorgeous scenery and location. York is a beautiful city and I love studying in a high class department with top researchers. Everything I need is located on one campus."
"There is an enormous amount going on at the university to enhance your studies (open lectures and departmental careers events for example) and also many opportunities to get involved with extracurricular stuff and meet other students. The campus is a lovely and peaceful environment and the city is also stunning. The lecturers on my course (linguistics) are also experts in their field."
"The beautiful campus (Heslington East is the best) and being situated in York, a wonderfully historic and lovely city. There are excellent teaching standards and we have a collegiate atmosphere."
"We're on a pretty campus and have the college tutor system to deal with issues that arise in student halls (such as flat disputes). There's a free shuttle bus between the two sides of campus."


"It's a nice city and the university buses are really good. We have a huge number of bars and pubs allowing for cheap nights out. There's easy access to Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield and other northern universities."
"Helpful and patient lecturers. There's a lot of support for mental health issues and York is a great city."
"The campus is beautiful and is always being invested in to make life easier for students. The library is open 24/7, the library staff are very helpful and the library facilities are very easy to use and constantly being invested in. The university staff are generally very approachable and helpful across all subject departments and operations. We have a wide range of societies and the students' union is also very approachable and responsive."
"You can get extra help outside of seminars and practicals. There's a variety of modules within my course."
"I love the city, it's got character as well as lovely shops and cafes. Most things are within walking distance and everything else is only a bus or bike journey away. There's no need for a car. The university campus is peaceful due to all the lakes."
"The fantastic location. Not only is York well connected but the campus is only about a 20-minute walk from the city centre, which is packed with pubs, bars, history, clubs, and generally great things to do. There's a fantastic student life and collegiate system."
"I love the college system and my course has been really interesting. The 24-hour library is such a useful thing and the books met the needs of my course. The university also stepped up and gave me accommodation when my student house was flooded in the 2015 York flooding!"
"The atmosphere is very friendly and there is a very good nightlife if that's what you're interested in. Also, I don't have to travel long distances across a city to get to my lectures from my accommodation."
"I like being able to enrich myself with a large library and an environment that encourages learning because everyone wants to discover and explore on an academic level. The sports teams and social life are both really good but, degree-wise, there's a great atmosphere for learning."
"We have new laboratories and other facilities such as the sports village. There's a variety of sports and societies."

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