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How would you rate your university towns night life?
Night life
6.9 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"There are lots of pubs and bars, which is nice, but there aren't many clubs."
"There's a huge range of night venues for any type of night out. There are different club nights on different days of the week, specific student nights that are slightly cheaper and other places to visit if you don't fancy either. There are over 365 venues to visit, one for every day of the year (not recommended) so students are spoiled for choice. There's a range of real ale pubs, cocktail bars, live music venues and gastropubs."
"There are organised student nights out in York that are the same every single week so it can get a little bit repetitive, but new independent nights out that are organised for students are starting to pop up. There's a large number of pubs and cocktail bars if you're up for a more casual drink and Leeds isn't far away on the train after all."
"The clubs here are not very good. They have no air conditioning so it gets very sweaty. They're all quite small and there are only five clubs to choose from."
"We have a good number of clubs, bars and student nights and always feel very safe."


"In terms of nightlife, there are around five main clubs that host student club nights just for University of York students during the week. There is a massive range of bars, from big chains to smaller ones. Fun fact: the Evil Eye bar is said to be Johnny Depp's favourite bar. Although the nightclubs can feel limited at times, Leeds is only a short train journey away and a lot of students tend to make use of it."
"There are six main night clubs (Revs, Salvation, Kuda, Fibbers, Mansion and Duchess) and all have student nights (though not all are provided by the SU). Most also have 'Willow nights' that have cheesy music and cheap drinks. There are loads of bars and pubs."
"Lots of shopping and sightseeing. If you want more, you can go to Leeds, which costs about £8 for a return on the train with a railcard."
"Clubs, bars, cafes, restaurants, shopping, historical/cultural attractions, cinemas etc."
"There are plenty of independent cocktail bars, which is very nice."
"It's amazing for bars and pubs, there are so many wonderful ones. Clubs are very 'samey' but good fun."
"Student nights are great and there are plenty of places to get cheap drinks or nicer places if you want to spend a bit more."
"There are lots of small and medium sized clubs, probably about 12 in all, which gives a good variety. There's also an absolutely cracking selection of bars and pubs that are usually pretty cheap on week nights as well. There are advantages to living in a tourist town."
"There are loads of fun tourist attractions with lots of history. There are lots of pubs and bars and at least three nightclubs. The shopping in York is satisfactory and always improving."
"There's a lot to see. The Yorkshire museum, art museum, The Minster, King's Manor, ruins of St. Mary, The Viking Centre and some nice (but overpriced) shops."

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