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Night life
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"There are over 300 pubs in York and so everyone has a local pub. It is easy to go out in the town and the clubs are not too far from the campus so you can either walk or do a relatively quick taxi ride. Most other activities such as going bowling or to the cinema are further away and require a car."
"The nightlife in York is great and I have not heard any complaints about it from students. There are five clubs, each of which has an allocated student night. I really like this as it makes the nights out safer as you're only out with other students. It's also fun because you are more likely to see your friends in the club. Nights out for students are a Tuesday (Kuda), Wednesday (Salvation), Thursday (Fibbers), Friday (Mansion) and Sunday (Revs). What is also good is that University of York students can go to the clubs on nights that are for York St John students too, so students can go out clubbing on most nights. There are also lots of pubs and bars that students can go to. There are pubs such as Wetherspoons and other more quirky pubs that serve lots of cheap drinks, and there is a mini club too that students tend to go to before heading to the club. There are also two cinemas, an ice rink, an outlet and lots of places where you can eat."
"There are lots of pubs and bars, which is really good as there's always a different place to go. The clubs are slightly limited and you tend to be stuck to going to university organised nights or student organised nights rather than anything slightly more exciting. Because it is a small university, it is fun in that you tend to know most of the people in the clubs."
"There are loads of bars and pubs in York so we have plenty of choice and the club nights held are really good."
"There are tons of pubs and bars, it's fab if you're a fan of cocktails! In my experience, students often find the night clubs quite 'samey' as they play similar music every night. There's perhaps a lack of promotion of alternative nightlife in the area."
"I would highly recommend Dusk and Sotanos. There are your typical pubs showing the football games etc and then there are lots of clubs and official student nights out so there is plenty to do. There are also bars run by the student society and they have events that simulate a club environment such as Marmite."
"The nightlife is reasonable as there are two universities in the local area so there are a lot of students around. There are many pubs and bars. The off-campus student nights run by the students' union weren't that good though, as there were barely any decent deals on entry for drinks. The on-campus club nights run at the student bars were good value for money and very cheap entry."
"There are a lot of places to go out in York, whether it is a small local pub such as The Charles or a bigger more well known one such as Wetherspoons. There are also many clubs available to York students with specific University of York nights offered on most days of the week."


"In terms of nightlife, there are around five main clubs that host student club nights just for University of York students during the week. There is a massive range of bars, from big chains to smaller ones. Fun fact: the Evil Eye bar is said to be Johnny Depp's favourite bar. Although the nightclubs can feel limited at times, Leeds is only a short train journey away and a lot of students tend to make use of it."
"There are six main night clubs (Revs, Salvation, Kuda, Fibbers, Mansion and Duchess) and all have student nights (though not all are provided by the SU). Most also have 'Willow nights' that have cheesy music and cheap drinks. There are loads of bars and pubs."
"Lots of shopping and sightseeing. If you want more, you can go to Leeds, which costs about £8 for a return on the train with a railcard."
"Clubs, bars, cafes, restaurants, shopping, historical/cultural attractions, cinemas etc."
"There are plenty of independent cocktail bars, which is very nice."
"It's amazing for bars and pubs, there are so many wonderful ones. Clubs are very 'samey' but good fun."
"Student nights are great and there are plenty of places to get cheap drinks or nicer places if you want to spend a bit more."
"There are lots of small and medium sized clubs, probably about 12 in all, which gives a good variety. There's also an absolutely cracking selection of bars and pubs that are usually pretty cheap on week nights as well. There are advantages to living in a tourist town."
"There are loads of fun tourist attractions with lots of history. There are lots of pubs and bars and at least three nightclubs. The shopping in York is satisfactory and always improving."
"There's a lot to see. The Yorkshire museum, art museum, The Minster, King's Manor, ruins of St. Mary, The Viking Centre and some nice (but overpriced) shops."

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