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Please comment on the location of your university (city, town, etc), the campus, the facilities, and student accommodation.
Location of university
8.7 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"Campus to town centre is walkable and there are good bus links. There's a wide range of student accommodation and it's all located conveniently for the campus."
"The university is not a long walk from the town so you can easily go shopping or get food when you want to. The campus is really pretty but the biology and chemistry departments are on opposite ends of the campus meaning it's a long walk for a biochemistry student like me. The library is fairly large and only fills during the exam period."
"The library is open 24/7, which is very useful, and we have a supermarket and bank on campus. The buses are usually frequent and it's only a 10 minute trip to town. The city has something for everyone, whether you enjoy nights out or a quiet meal at any restaurant of your choice."
"It has a huge library that suits all types of studying as well as around five bars and cafés where students can socialise, along with a sports hall and two gyms. One of the gyms is more modern with very good facilities and an Olympic-sized pool whereas the other gym, which is still good, caters to students who wish to pay lower and very affordable prices. There is lots to do in the area. On campus you can sit outside on the grass in front of the lake, play sport on a huge 22 acres of land or practise racing on another sports field. The student accommodation is decent and no worse than any other accommodation at other universities. There are two cinemas and lots of restaurants with some being more touristy and others being more for students. There is a beautiful park where the ruins of a demolished abbey (carried out by Henry VIII) stand. There are lots of museums to visit and a cathedral too, many of which are free for students to go to."
"The city of York is delightful and the campus, although in places consisting of 1960s monstrosities, has some lovely parts and lots of new buildings have recently opened. I don't use the gym and I didn't have catered accommodation last year so I can't really comment on those. The student accommodation is mixed but some of the newer buildings are pretty nice, though perhaps overpriced."
"The location is fab as it's only a 15-minute bus ride from the city centre. There is lots to do in the town centre and the facilities are good on Campus West but there's not as much to do on Campus East. The accommodation is lovely, just really expensive."
"The campus is large and has a lot of facilities, which makes it feel like a small student town. There's a lot of cafés, three bars, study spaces dotted around and the library is open 24/7. There is usually something going on every day if you're looking for something to do and it's an easy 20-minute walk to the city centre (or ten minutes on the bus). There are very good transport connections as a bus service runs directly from the uni library into town."
"The university is only about 15 minutes away from the city centre by bus so it's a quick ride in. You can even walk if you want some good exercise. The campus is beautiful, I lived on Heslington East and absolutely loved it. It's like being in a beautiful pocket of quiet. York has a range of student accommodation to suit all budgets. The newer accommodation is on Heslington East but they have spent some funds upgrading the older accommodation on Heslington West so there are choices."


"The city is fantastic. There is always something going on from a chocolate festival to a literacy festival to Illuminating York. The campus is mostly well maintained and the modern buildings are good. King's Manor is an amazing place to study in. Most of the accommodation is ok but the blocks owned by UPP aren't as well kept as the others. For example, when we asked for replacement furniture they gave us second hand stuff."
"York is a great tourist attraction and very pretty, with good access around the north and just over two hours on the train to London. There's a good college community linked to accommodation but poor focus on sport facilities such as rugby pitches. There are good campus bars with good prices as well as an amazing library."
"The campus is very large with a good variety of bars, restaurants and shops. The gym is really new and amazing. The accommodation is very close to the library, which I really enjoyed. The city of York is amazing, safe and has great things to do."
"It is a campus-based university and the two campuses are very close together. The university's gyms, accommodation, study spaces, library, campus bars/cafes/restaurants and lecture rooms are all within a 15-minute walk from each other. There's a free bus that connects the two campuses and town is around a 20-minute walk or 10-minute bus/car journey away from the university. The city is quite small compared to places like Manchester and London but big enough to not be boring; there are numerous bars, restaurants, tea rooms, historical sights, museums and nightclubs to explore. The student accommodation varies, there are a range of rooms depending on the price you would like to pay. Some accommodation is quite old-fashioned while rooms in newer colleges are more modern and, I think, nicer to live in."
"The accommodation is of an alright quality but overpriced. The library is always full but the city is interesting with good nightlife opportunities."
"York as a city is honestly amazing, it's beautiful and the locals are lovely. There are many library spaces, though they could do with more during the revision period. Student accommodation on the Heslington West campus isn't very nice but Heslington East isn't too bad."
"The location of my university is close to town but far enough to maintain a campus life. This helps to create close bonds between students and faculty members."
"Campus is good. Instead of having one big SU building we have bars and JCRs all around campus, which is nice. The library is really good and open 24/7. The city of York is absolutely fantastic as well as being beautiful and it has a huge number of places to eat and drink as well as lots of bars, pubs and clubs."
"It's such a well connected city that it's super easy to get pretty much anywhere by train. Busses are regular and run 24 hours between the station/town and campus. Student accommodation, in my experience, has always been pleasant and clean with an en-suite."
"The campus is quite near to the town centre, which is quite handy. However, some of the accommodation isn't up to a high standard, in my opinion. Some accommodation, including the one I lived in, hasn't been refurbished since it was built in the 60s."

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