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Diverse backgrounds

Please let us know whether you think your university does enough to attract and cater for students from a diverse range of backgrounds?


"There are lots of international students, the gender balance is pretty even and UK-based students come from all around the country, not just Yorkshire."
"YUSU (York University Students Union) has a variety of officers from different backgrounds so people can be represented and feel more included if they know who to talk to. There are a lot of societies for different backgrounds too."
"There could be more facilities available for transgender students (more accessible to change name etc) but as a whole there is a wide diverse range of students."
"From what I've seen, the university tries to promote inclusivity, so there are often events for LGBTQ+ students, BAME students and other minority groups around campus. College committees (from what I know) have BAME and LGBTQ+ representatives and sometimes colleges collaborate to get groups from different colleges to mingle."
"There are a lot of groups representing the interests of students from different backgrounds."


"There are quite a lot of people from grammar/private/religious schools and from the south. There's also a good number of international students, in particular from Asia."
"It caters to international students but, as a Sutton Thirteen/Russell Group uni, I think that it needs to do more to promote wider access into higher education for students of different economic backgrounds."
"There's a wide range of societies that cater to a diverse range of people."
"There is a York Opportunity award that offers money to people who had to overcome hurdles to get to university. There's also the York scholarship/bursary that gives money to students from a low income background. There are lots of ethnic minority students."
"Their Centre for Global Programmes provides good international relations with other universities."
"We have 'welcome week' to integrate international students and also aim to get students from areas that wouldn't normally go to uni."
"It tries. We have a 'global week' where we celebrate cultural diversity and societies are set up for different ethnicities. International student bonding is encouraged (they arrive a week earlier than all other students), which helps with settling in."
"It does enough to attract, and cater for, international students. There are BME officers for the students' union as well as international officers and many societies for different nationalities. I would argue that it's a very inclusive university."
"It tries to attract people from all backgrounds. Could do more for ethnic diversity though."
"I work on a lot of widening participation projects at the university and know several people here who came through them so it seems successful to me."

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