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Diverse backgrounds

Please let us know whether you think your university does enough to attract and cater for students from a diverse range of backgrounds?


"I think there is a diverse selection of students at the University of York. However, I think there is more of a diverse background in other universities. I never felt like there were any clear dominating classes of people or ethnic groups and I have always felt part of the community."
"I think it does. It is a beautiful city that attracts a large number from abroad and it provides a good teaching quality that attracts people from all different backgrounds."
"The uni seems pretty happy to help those from lower income backgrounds with very generous grants and discounted accommodation."
"I think the university does a lot for diverse backgrounds because it has really inclusive student services for all backgrounds and ethnicities."
"The diversity seems to depend on a lot of factors such as which accommodation you live in, which course you attend and which societies you attend. I have seen events specifically for international students advertised and there are elected part-time officers within the students' union to represent many backgrounds, eg black and minority ethnicities or disabled students. The LGBTQ scene at the university seems quite active, too."
"I think York does quite a lot to attract and support students from a diverse range of backgrounds. We have an International Students Association (ISA) dedicated to facilitating an openness to diversity and enabling international students to express themselves."
"I think the university does do enough to attract people from a diverse range of backgrounds. However, I don't feel like they offer enough help in assisting international students to integrate. International students often hang around in their own groups so it would be nice to have something like a multicultural society that could give people the opportunity to integrate and learn about new cultures from others."


"There are quite a lot of people from grammar/private/religious schools and from the south. There's also a good number of international students, in particular from Asia."
"It caters to international students but, as a Sutton Thirteen/Russell Group uni, I think that it needs to do more to promote wider access into higher education for students of different economic backgrounds."
"There's a wide range of societies that cater to a diverse range of people."
"There is a York Opportunity award that offers money to people who had to overcome hurdles to get to university. There's also the York scholarship/bursary that gives money to students from a low income background. There are lots of ethnic minority students."
"Their Centre for Global Programmes provides good international relations with other universities."
"We have 'welcome week' to integrate international students and also aim to get students from areas that wouldn't normally go to uni."
"It tries. We have a 'global week' where we celebrate cultural diversity and societies are set up for different ethnicities. International student bonding is encouraged (they arrive a week earlier than all other students), which helps with settling in."
"It does enough to attract, and cater for, international students. There are BME officers for the students' union as well as international officers and many societies for different nationalities. I would argue that it's a very inclusive university."
"It tries to attract people from all backgrounds. Could do more for ethnic diversity though."
"I work on a lot of widening participation projects at the university and know several people here who came through them so it seems successful to me."

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