University of York


What are the worst things about studying at your university?


"The nightlife is not the craziest but it's still fun. It is really hard to get an appointment to see someone in the mental health services if you need to."
"The costs of campus accommodation was very high and the buses were not always reliable."
"Bus passes have become very expensive this year."
"The worst things about my university is the accommodation and how expensive everything on campus is."
"There's a confusing amount of emails and information as well as a lot of distance between town and the two campuses."
"It's a bit of a walk to the city."
"Some of the deadlines on my course are quite close together and the cost of living and accommodation is quite high compared to the area I am originally from. There's something of a 'mental health' crisis amongst students and, although the uni is putting more effort into funding/promoting wellbeing and support, the difference between supply and demand for services seems to still be large."
"Some areas of the campus are slightly outdated."


"Expensive cabs (no Uber here) and a limited nightlife. We've not been successful in BUCS. The Heslington East campus is isolated and we've got poor cycle lanes."
"I'd like more information and clarity on my course's structure. The criteria for assessments could have been given at the beginning of the course as well."
"There's something of a lack of diversity. We don't have an app for bus timetables so you still have to read them off a poster at the bus stop. There's also no bus running from the main campus to the most predominantly student area (Tang Hall)."
"Marking and feedback can be vague and confusing."
"It's not sports-oriented enough for me and has some poor sports facilities."
"There's a lack of contact hours and the library is often crowded."
"Living costs are quite high here and it doesn't feel like a major modern city."
"The university has both the colleges and the students' union, and neither seem to be funded well. The only thing that keeps either going is dedicated individuals."
"My lectures weren't recorded and uploaded like in some departments."
"There's not as much integration between international and domestic students as there could be."

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