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Please tell us more about the social environment, sports clubs and societies and anything else you think candidates need to know about life at your university.


"Wide range of sports clubs and societies to get involved with, with 'Give It A Go' sessions being really useful."
"There are absolutely lots of sports activities including football, rugby, hockey, squash, handball and cricket etc, as well as other sports that are very obscure. There is a sport that caters to everyone due to having such a huge variety. There is a huge 22-acre field where a lot of sport is played and a huge sports arena where racing takes place. There are two gyms, one with a swimming pool and newer facilities and another with slightly older facilities but cheaper prices. There are hundreds of societies that suit all types of interests and social circles. The campus is very attractive with two lakes and lots of grassy areas with trees and plants so it's a lovely place to study and socialise in."
"There are lots of sports clubs and societies and, because of the college system, you are still able to play if you don't get into the university team as you can play for your college. This is great for all the sports lovers."
"The sports clubs are an important part of university life. They have different levels so everyone can try to get involved."
"York is a very social university and our competitiveness stems from us being a collegiate university. There are lots of opportunities, though some can be expensive."
"York has a huge number of active societies so it's easy to get involved, as there'll undoubtedly be something that matches your interests. York is also famous for its student media. It has a radio station, a TV station, about seven student magazines and a student-run cinema on campus."
"York has a huge number of societies. A large portion of these societies are sports, with pretty much any sport you can think of including football, hockey, tennis, badminton, athletics, swimming, ultimate frisbee, climbing, a variety of martial arts (eg aikido, MMA and karate), weightlifting and even Quidditch. In addition to that there are plenty of other societies such as international/language societies, course-related societies, a baking society, science fiction/fantasy societies, faith societies, arts-related societies and music societies. There's something for everyone, I'm sure."
"The University of York has loads of societies, there's one for everything so you won't be stuck for choice. There are sports clubs and, of course, Roses, which is Europe's largest inter-collegiate sporting event (between York and Lancaster). It's all good fun!"


"It is a collegiate university so you immediately feel a sense of community. For the first week there will be students called 'second/third year contacts' around campus who are there to answer any questions or concerns you may have. The scheme is designed to help you feel welcome and get involved in university life from the beginning. In terms of clubs and societies, there is a massive range and, if you have an idea for one, it is very easy to set up a new society."
"Many sports and clubs are available that you can find out about on the YUSU website and at the freshers' fair. We have a good university gym with great facilities and there's also a more expensive gym with better facilities in York."
"There's a great social environment as well as accessibility in sport for everyone thanks to developments and the college system. There are societies for everything."
"There are so many sports clubs to choose from and the option to do it either at university level or college level."
"Certain colleges have their own identities. Derwent is the party college, Langwith is the friendly and family like college, James is the sporty one, Vanbrugh is the musical one etc."
"The student life is fantastic. The collegiate system provides easy access to sports, committees, events and welfare. Societies are almost all well run and do great work, especially within the realms of music, student media and campaign groups. Sports teams are welcoming and fun."
"There is always something to do. There are plenty of societies and not just sporty ones either. The societies are good at hosting socials and really get you involved. There is also the chance to get a job on campus in the shops or call centres or even in York. There are always jobs going."
"There's absolutely loads to do and so many societies from niche to mainstream. We have a great sports centre, track and gym. There are loads of sports clubs at both college (more relaxed) and university level (more time consuming and competitive) and 'Roses' every year with Lancaster (a sports competition between the two unis) is always so fun."
"Lots of sports teams and socials so it's very easy to make friends outside of coursemates and flat mates."
"We have a lot of societies at the university from sports to non-sports. Some include women's rugby, football, cheerleading, the Taylor Swift society, psychology society, Latin American society, fetish society, religion society, feminist society and so on."

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