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Please comment on the support you’ve had from the careers services, the type of employers that present and recruit on campus, the effectiveness of the alumni network, as well as fairs and on-campus recruitment activity.


"I have been overly impressed with the work done by the biology department and the group of people that helped me to obtain a year in industry placement last year. They helped with my CV and cover letter and also gave me mock interviews to help prepare me for the selection process."
"The careers service is really good. You can go to see them about your CV, cover letter, internships and a variety of other things, all you need to do is make an appointment. There's a large number of careers fairs that were helpful and we always get emails about potential jobs and placements, although these positions tend to only be within the university, which is the slight downside."
"The university has a really great service in the Careers Gateway where you can contact alumni in careers you are interested in and they can even become a mentor for you. They also seem to try to help students who want an internship or work experience to find them exclusive opportunities. I think that there are opportunities for you to get guidance if you really want it. I'm not sure if my own employment has been better at preparing me for post-graduation employment though."
"The careers service is fantastic as they look through your CV and point out what needs changing. It also entices great employers to campus because of the university's reputation."
"The careers service is very good and runs a lot of different events on campus such as employer presentations, careers fairs and skills workshops. They also offer many students the option of adding a placement year onto their degree, where they can spend their third year working in a relevant area. They strongly encourage work experience and volunteering and have a system set up to allow York students to apply for exclusive opportunities at local organisations through their website."
"Careers is excellent when it comes to the computer science department. For students taking a placement year, there is a scheme in the department called Fast Track. This is where various companies are invited to the department in the autumn term of second year to give presentations and then interview prospective placement year students. This means students don't have to go out and seek jobs as the companies come to them. Typically, the company will do an evening presentation on one day and then the following day the company will interview around 20 students interested in working for them. Not everyone is able to secure a placement through this process but a lot of students do."
"The careers services in York are useful, even if the advice can be a bit generic at times. Some departments (management and law for example) have their own dedicated careers services that have proved to be much more useful and insightful. York hosts multiple careers fairs (at least three a year with one being specifically dedicated to law). All of the big, well known companies in their respective industries attend these fairs (ie PwC and Deloitte). What I do feel York is missing is the presence of more firms such as McKinsey and Goldman Sachs. Some departments (eg management, computer science and law) offer a year in industry or a study abroad year as well."
"There have been many careers events offered to me and fellow students throughout our department, whether it is question and answer sessions with alumni or CV help sessions, which have all been really helpful."


"There have been multiple events, from bringing in the CEO of Nestle to bringing in audit partners from the Big 4, at least every three weeks."
"A wide range of employers present, hold workshops and hold networking sessions on campus as well as attending careers fairs and recruiting students as campus ambassadors. Throughout the year there are a range of events taking place with employers but it is best to keep in touch with societies that relate to the career you are interested in as these events are often advertised through such societies. Some feedback has been good but at times it can be quite generic and not that helpful. The careers service does have a useful online system that allows you to easily access information about internships, graduate jobs, part-time jobs to do while at university, voluntary positions and holiday work that you can filter through with preferences."
"The careers service has a whole building dedicated to them and their facilities are quite extensive. It's easy to book appointments and there are lots of people to talk to for help on anything. From being completely lost on future careers to preparing for interviews, they are always prepared to help you."
"There are many employment fairs at the uni as well as many well advertised volunteering opportunities. They also offer personal careers appointments."
"There are fantastic weekly careers lectures and activities with potential employers."
"The careers services were very helpful. There could be a broader range of employers coming to the campus as the vast majority are just from the business and financial sectors, which is not what all students are looking for. Campus fairs and recruitment were mostly good apart from this."
"There's lots of careers advice, especially on applying for internships and activities that we can do to increase our employability."
"There is a really good careers service, although it can be really quite difficult to get an appointment with them. You can only book from the day before and appointments are very popular."
"I receive up to three careers emails a day for jobs that are suitable for me. They are always asking us to come and speak with them to update our CVs. From others' experiences they are very useful."
"The careers service runs quite a few talks with professionals in particular industries that you can attend. I think a compulsory one-to-one appointment with the careers team could be useful."

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