University of Westminster, London


What are the best things about studying at your university?


"It's very hands on and practical. I have learned so many skills that have really helped me to get noticed by employers."
"It's in the heart of London so all resources are easily accessible."
"The lecturers and the staff have very welcoming and accommodating attitudes. They're ready to offer help in ensuring I get smooth studies."
"The location of the university is amazing as it's in central London and there is so much to do."
"The university offers a great selection of courses."
"You can build up a lasting network here and make great friends."
"There were brilliant opportunities for scholarships to go abroad (I'm currently doing this survey from the University of Technology in Sydney!). My uni offers jobs and excellent research projects too."
"The work experience you can gain in your intended industry through your module choices here."
"There are lots of extracurricular opportunities. The university's job agency helps us to find jobs while here and they always have new jobs throughout the year. We also have volunteering awards, many opportunities to be part of societies and committees, projects to work alongside your professors on your chosen project, placement years, years abroad studying/working, scholarships, faculty collaboration modules and flexibility in our chosen modules."
"It's a good location that's well maintained with suitable equipment and a 24-hour library."

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