University of Westminster, London

Location of university

Please comment on the location of your university (city, town, etc), the campus, the facilities, and student accommodation.


"It's great, I love being located in Baker Street. Most of the other campuses are nearby too, which makes it so much easier to walk between them if necessary. There are lots of food options around too, which is very helpful."
"We're right in the centre of London! It's a brilliant location and has great facilities provided by the university."
"Campus is how a campus should be. There are decent facilities but some of the technology (tv studio, cameras, etc) are quickly becoming outdated. We're located in Harrow, which is a friendly and calm neighbourhood."
"My campus is in Cavendish. It's stocked with lots of computers in the labs and I have access to them 24/7 to work on my coursework. This is handy because I spend most of my weekend nights in the labs."
"Cavendish campus has a library, social spaces, a students' union shop, a café and a prayer room."
"It's great that it's in central London as that's where I wanted to be. However, the campuses are very disconnected and there is little integration between them. The students' union is all the way in Harrow! I live in a zone 2 area of south London and travel into central for uni but nobody wants to travel all the way to zone 5 north to go to Harrow! It's ridiculous."
"Central London is a great place that's accessible but the library and gym could be bigger and better."
"I'm in the middle of Oxford Street so it tends to be very busy at times. I love our library!"
"I'm on the outskirts of London and this provides good connection links to the city when commuting. I've found student accommodation to be overpriced for what it is on my campus."
"My campus may look like an old and derelict building from the outside but it has great facilities and lab etc inside."

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