University of Westminster, London


What are the worst things about studying at your university?


"It's been difficult to get motivation from the teaching staff. The library is amazing but there's never enough space to sit and charge your laptop, especially towards the end of a semester."
"My campus doesn't have a very active social life and the uni's not as prestigious as some."
"The uni's quite small."
"The area might be considered too busy by some. Also, if you're commuting from afar then it's going to cost a lot more."
"There is a lack of social life at Westminster because it's not really a campus."
"Information moves slowly. Getting feedback on your coursework can often be delayed by a lot."
"I think the courseload is quite small and they could push us harder."
"The spread out uni means there's not as much of a feeling of community. The library being open 24 hours begins late in the year."
"Trying to commute during rush hour is a challenge."
"It's overcrowded and there have been some problems with disorganisation."

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