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What are the best things about working at your firm?


"The course is well structured and well taught. There is a massive range of societies to join."
"Faculty and staff are incredible. My class is small and the programme is very focused, which has been wonderful. The facilities are great and access to resources has been very easy."
"Lovely accommodation and a good reputation."
"The careers office is fantastic, and the law societies offer a lot of support. The prestige of the university makes me feel proud to be part of the institution."
"We get the opportunity to make friends in a really nice environment with a good social and academic balance."
"Excellent support network. Well respected course. Lots of facilities for sports/societies."
"The great reputation that Warwick has among employers. The strong academic research that filters into teaching and learning."
"The opportunities that arise from being part of a prestigious university."
"The massive variety of societies (something for everyone, great way to try out new things, great way to meet like-minded people) and many opportunities to build up skills for jobs (society exec, volunteering, brand ambassador, unitemps etc)."
"The very large variety of societies that are available and the general friendliness and welcoming attitude of those who attend these societies."

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