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How would you rate your university towns night life?
Night life
7.0 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"There are plenty of pubs and clubs in Leamington or Coventry! Leamington is a smaller town but nightlife is good so long as you don't expect it to be a big city night out. It is very safe and cheap though. The SU club on campus is good for freshers and 'POP!' Is always worth a visit."
"The campus club is called the Copper Rooms. It hosts at least one event per week (the infamous POP!) And tries to put on events for all music tastes regularly. There's a wide array of clubs, pubs, and cafés in the close-by Leamington Spa, the most popular being Neon and Smack. There are transportation options available on each of the clubbing nights, so you have no reason to miss the fun."
"We have four or five different clubs that are great for weekly nights out but we definitely need more pubs."
"There are various pubs and bars available on campus with nights such as 'Pop!' Being a strong attraction to students at the university. The university does not have the best nightlife as most 'local' clubs are located some distance away, but they are made easier to reach with special bus services."
"There are lots of good nights out with the sports teams and other clubs. Even though there is a lack of major clubs, there are some very good ones that make up for the lack of locations."
"We have Copper Rooms and BarFusion on campus as well as Smack and Neon that offer a good nightlife."
"There are around three main clubs that students go to, but these require taxis or buses to get to. The closest city, Coventry, has shops, restaurants and a cinema. Leamington Spa, around a 30-minute bus ride away, has more shops and nice parks."
"There's plenty to do on campus and in Leamington. It's nothing ground-breaking or outstanding, but the music is good enough in most places and the group you're with are what make the night fun."
"Only one pub and one bar are situated on the campus. Events at night are organised through the students' union and we mostly take the bus and visit the nightclubs in the nearby towns."
"There's lots of on-campus nightlife that makes it safer and easier to get back to on-campus accommodation, especially for first years who are new to clubbing etc. The nightclub area in the SU, the Copper Rooms, hosts regular weekly club nights with all sorts of musical styles and even has concerts and gigs there. The Terrace Bar is great for sitting with a drink and socialising. Coventry and Leamington Spa have a variety of clubs that are student-orientated, so cheaper and it's easy to get there by bus!"


"Many bars and pubs. There are three main clubs and a few alternative ones in Leamington Spa. Many more in Coventry, though fewer students venture anywhere but Kasbah."
"Leamington Spa (30 minutes away by bus) offers a lot of clubs and bars to hit up on weekdays. However, there are fewer interesting alternative activities compared to what you'd find in a city."
"A good few clubs but nothing massive. There's something on most nights though."
"Plenty of options to go off-campus to go out. The UniExpress provides good options to go to the local clubs and not have to worry about transport. There are plenty of pubs available if clubs aren't your thing."
"Several good clubs and pubs both in Coventry and Leamington (Neon, Kasbah, Smack, Altoria, Duke etc) and good places in Birmingham (20-25 mins from campus)."
"Large number of night clubs, arts centres, cinemas, cafes, bars, pubs etc."
"Club nights on Mondays, Thursday and Fridays, local club nights on Saturdays. Most places are very popular with students so there's good fun."
"The city is a lot better than campus, more choice in terms of music taste and prices but still not very much. However, Leamington Spa is a small town. We also have Coventry, which has some quite good nights with coach fare included in the ticket price, which is very good."
"Multiple bars and clubs in Leamington Spa and Coventry. Kasbah in Coventry has been called one of the best clubs in the UK (who doesn't want a club that serves burgers at 3.00 am?)."

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