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What are the worst things about working at your firm?


"Location: it's nearest city is Coventry. There are few options regarding night life, activities etc."
"It is a bit far from restaurants and clubs and stuff. You always have to take a taxi for things like that."
"Overcrowded, getting more and more expensive by the year, constant construction going on."
"It's far from everywhere and you need to pay a lot to join a club or play sports."
"Lack of study space, very isolated."
"At times, life on campus can feel slightly isolated. Facilities are under a lot of pressure (eg library and room space in the humanities building)."
"The cost of almost everything. Accommodation, society fees, services on campus (eg laundry, nights out) etc."
"Transportation (public buses) is expensive and there's an insufficient number of study spaces on campus. There's also a couple of not-so-great lecturers who're brilliant in their respective fields but not at teaching. Joining societies and sports clubs can be very expensive."
"Some problems with communication and organisation, more support is needed for mental health and well-being across all three years I think."
"Lack of diversity. The social life isn't great if you're from London and there's a lack of support from the university."

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