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Please comment on the location of your university (city, town, etc), the campus, the facilities, and student accommodation.
Location of university
6.8 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"Though we're located far from the city centre and Leamington Spa, where most of the restaurants and places to enjoy are, the campus is like a little island with all that a student could need. The only problem is during non-term times when international students may not be able to return home and have to travel to buy groceries or even visit a restaurant to enjoy with friends. Overall, the university is an exciting place to be with the arts centre hosting regular plays and music events."
"The University of Warwick is a campus university located near Coventry so there may seem to be very few options when it comes to entertainment and going out options at first. However, in my experience, I have found that there's always something going on at the uni. There are movies being screened and shows being performed at the Warwick Arts Centre, conferences, sports events, parties and get-togethers organised by student societies. If campus still feels a bit dull for you then Coventry is a 15-minute bus ride away and Birmingham is a 20-minute train journey away from Coventry railway station. You can find all the facilities you need in Warwick from the 24/7 library to the gym, post office, futuristic classrooms, printers in nearly every building and assistance every hour of the day. When it comes to accommodation, there are many options suitable for many budgets."
"It's about 20 minutes from the Coventry city centre and 20 minutes from Leamington Spa. It's not in Warwick, which can be kind of confusing, but Warwick (and Warwick Castle) aren't too far away, which can make for a nice day trip and Kenilworth Castle is also quite close as well. The university is always expanding so buildings are getting more modern and improved. Student accommodation (I lived in Lakeside) was wonderful and we got a cleaner for our bathroom and kitchen."
"Any shopping or cinema trip or meal outside of the university will require transport of some sort. However, student accommodation is very good and any problems, such as water leakage, are sorted out very quickly and the prices for accommodation are reasonable. Warwick is continuously updating its facilities and is currently upgrading the arts centre."
"The location of the university is on the outskirts of a city, which means that it is not as overcrowded and busy like it is in the centre. The facilities are satisfactory or exceptional and fulfil the needs of students enough that you don't have to venture far at all when living on campus. Most accommodation is satisfactory with some being too outdated or compact. There are various activities including gyms, societies, green areas and theatres etc. These allow students to take time away from studies and attending classes, which is a great escape from the university course."
"The location of the university is great for being very pretty and in the middle of fields. However, most students live in Leamington, which is a bus ride away and the bus services aren't always reliable. The campus is lovely and is constantly being made better. The student accommodation differs hugely depending on which blocks you're in. I was in Rootes, which was loads of fun but could probably do with being refurbished. Living on campus, you're very much living in a bubble with not a huge amount to do during the day. Leamington is beautiful and most students live very close to the town meaning there is loads to do during the day."
"We're in the Coventry area with facilities that include a gym, coffee shops, restaurants and bars all within the campus. Student accommodation is comprised with many different blocks and allocated through the university."
"It's away from hustle and bustle of city life so it's a great location for study. First-year students are guaranteed on-campus accommodation, which is good overall."
"I like how peaceful it is here with animals like ducks, rabbits and squirrels freely moving around campus. It removes some stress and tension that students may feel during their studies."


"Facilities are too expensive for a rural university. The lack of competition has driven prices up and we see comparable prices to London at times. Student accommodation could be a lot better but I'm okay with the status quo as long as prices don't inexplicably rise. Campus is located depressingly far from towns/cities."
"It's a campus university near to Coventry and Leamington Spa. The facilities are good (though it would be better if the library was open 24 hours). The student accommodation was okay with a wide range to choose from."
"Perfect – a central location with transport from Coventry to anywhere. London is just an hour away. Facilities are good and always satisfactory. Accommodation varies but is always at least adequate. The only problem is with the allocation of accommodation: it's very random and people often don't get their preferences."
"It is a campus university and takes 20 minutes to get to Coventry and between 20-40 mins to Leamington Spa. Leamington Spa has the better student life by far. Accommodation on campus is great but the library facilities are lacking. There is only one library and materials aren't sufficient."
"It's just the campus by itself and the nearest city is a half hour bus ride away. Campus is of a decent size but not very big. Facilities are running out because the university is accepting more and more freshers yearly. It could do with having more and I think they are building more. Student accommodation is in a good location and of high quality but prices are going up."
"Student accommodation has been very good. The campus is a nice, open, safe and friendly space. The library is full of great resources but is stretched for study space at peak periods. The gym is sufficient but slightly costly. Coventry is a relatively large city with good shopping opportunities. Leamington Spa is a very nice town with many bars, restaurants and shopping facilities."
"The university is quite isolated and you have to take the bus or drive to get into either Coventry or Leamington Spa. The bus services aren't great: they cost quite a bit of money, can be quite unreliable and are often too packed at certain times. The student accommodation is not of great quality compared to other university rooms I have seen, yet we pay the same amount."
"It's a campus uni. Coventry city or Leamington Spa are a 20 minute bus ride away but campus has a lot on it (supermarket with post office inside, restaurants, cafes, hairdressers, two banks with ATMs, cinema and theatre in the arts centre)."
"If you wanted to, you could live within a square mile of the university and never leave. A 24-hour Tesco, health and nutrition store, three hairdressers and Wilkos are located ten minutes away via walking. There are also two banks (Santander and Barclays), a cinema, musical theatre, a grocery store and multiple restaurants on campus. The university is 50 years old, reflected in the age and state of many of its buildings. However, a visibly active effort is made to update technology and maintain current facilities. The university continues to invest in new structures, such as the Learning and Teaching Centre which is in the midst of construction. Warwick Sport, the organisation behind the campus sports centre, operates quality facilities that Warwick students can certainly take pride in, although I would argue that the gym equipment lacks some diversity. Student accommodation varies greatly. Rootes, the party accommodation, shows its age clearly in its aesthetics. Meanwhile, the recently built Bluebell is equivalent to a four-star hotel room. Towns around Warwick are easily accessible via bus or train. Leamington Spa and Coventry are about 15 minutes away by bus, Birmingham is about 45-55 minutes away by a combination of bus and train, while a bus that departs ten minutes away from campus (via walking) takes about three hours to reach London Victoria and costs only £4. London Euston can be reached in just over an hour by taking the bus to Coventry and then a train to London."
"I love the location as I didn't want to be in a city and I enjoy the campus and being close to rural areas. The accommodation is excellent and I have always found the facilities good though more space is needed for studying as there aren't enough library spaces. The humanities block needs updating/replacing but there are apparently plans for that."

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