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Please let us know whether you think your university does enough to attract and cater for students from a diverse range of backgrounds?


"I think the University of Warwick is one of the most diverse universities in the UK. Each course has students from all over the world who choose Warwick for its academic prestige. It's impossible not to have at least a few international friends between your course, societies and student life in general."
"They do a great job and nowhere is this more evident than in the business school where the diversity is very special. Students from all over the world are present and all Warwick Business School students who are from differing backgrounds have a platform to share their ideals and transition into life at university much easier through the modules such as CoRE."
"I think the university does a fair deal to attract students from different backgrounds because it has links with high schools and the centre of lifelong learning has good targets in relation to encouraging applications from disadvantaged backgrounds."
"In my experience, the university has an extremely diverse range of students of various nationalities, ethnicities, sexualities and religions. I also feel that it has taken significant strides during my time at the university to be inclusive and provide support to any students that require it."
"There are lots of schemes to give bursaries to people from different backgrounds and they'll drop grade requirements for certain people too if they come from certain schools."
"The SU is not that representative of a diverse range of cultures in my opinion and it's particularly lacking on foreign student representation."
"The university does a lot to attract overseas students but it does lack somewhat for those from poorer backgrounds."
"Yes, especially in the business school, I have met a lot of people from different countries and backgrounds. I think this is due to the well known reputation of Warwick."
"It's a particularly international university with plenty of worldwide connections and years abroad."
"I think it does do enough. However, I think more emphasis should be placed on inclusion and breaking barriers of language and approach. Many people stay in groups, usually of the same race, and will have their own societies eg 'Warwick Malaysian Nights'. I understand that facilities like this help international students to find people they can easily get along with, relate to and talk with in their native language. I think encouraging the integration of races socialising with functions will be more enriching."


"There are students from all over the globe so they definitely do enough to attract students from a diverse range of countries."
"Warwick has a very diverse and international student population."
"The university prides itself on being multicultural, which I think attracts the diverse range. I'm not sure if it does do enough to cater to students from poorer backgrounds, however."
"I come from a less well off background and get a student bursary to help with costs."
"Warwick is definitely diverse in terms of nationality. In terms of wealth, not so much. Everyone is very middle class or above."
"Being an international student myself, I think Warwick attracts a lot of attention from students globally as over half of its population consists of international students."
"I think it does, but there's always room for improvement."
"There seems to be good support for international students, and it doesn't seem too elitist, unlike the reputation many Russell Group unis have."
"My course has a massive international composition and, in general, there is a wide array of students from diverse backgrounds on campus."
"Warwick does a lot to cater for and attract students from a diverse range of backgrounds. There is a very comprehensive orientation programme each term, as well as organised support and activities for people from different backgrounds. There is also special funding and grants for students from overseas/less fortunate backgrounds."

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