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Clubs and social environment

Please tell us more about the social environment, sports clubs and societies and anything else you think candidates need to know about life at your university.


"The social environment is very welcoming. There are lots of interesting sports clubs to join (but it is expensive to join these as you need a sports membership). There are loads of societies (which are cheaper to join) and they are very welcoming. There is a society for almost everything."
"Greatest amount of societies and loads of sports clubs both on and off campus. The gym has a rock climbing wall and a pool."
"Sports facilities are pretty good and clubs get money so equipment is good too. There are lots of rooms for societies, although room bookings sometimes get mixed up."
"Societies and clubs will cost you, so be prepared to spend money. Even if it is free to join the club or society, there are usually hidden costs like hoodies or travel expenses. Some, though, you can get around without paying the £17 societies fare, like WarwickTech."
"With almost 250 societies, there is always something for every student at Warwick."
"Over 250 societies (academic, activities and games, campaigning, cultural, film and media, food and drink, halls, music, performance, religious and belief, welfare, charity and action) means there's something for everyone."
"Lots of societies to choose from that are well organised and well founded."
"A truly fantastic range of societies – anything you can think of! The process of creating a new society from scratch is very simple and inclusive."
"Really good sports societies and a good Christian Union."
"Sports clubs and societies at Warwick are very active and require commitment and dedication. Having said that, there is such a large selection that there really is something for everyone to get involved in, even for people who struggle with shyness and social anxiety, due to the welcoming attitude of societies."

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