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Please comment on the support you’ve had from the careers services, the type of employers that present and recruit on campus, the effectiveness of the alumni network, as well as fairs and on-campus recruitment activity.


"We have plenty of careers sessions and support and there are daily talks and other services provided by employers, especially since the economics programme at Warwick is one of the best in the country. The alumni network is easily accessible and we get plenty of placement opportunities and work experience."
"The numbers of career fairs and networking events throughout the year is great. Career advisory support is available as well."
"There are plenty of careers events for science, law and engineering subjects, but rarely any for humanities."
"The careers and skills team is extremely hard working. It organises a few careers fairs throughout the year where big companies like PwC, JP Morgan and the Civil Service come to talk to students about their opportunities. We also have an internal job opportunities platform where students can find both internships and graduate opportunities. They have also recently launched the Warwick Summer Internships programme, in which more than 125 employers are offering summer internship placements exclusively to Warwick students. In addition to this, they operate year-round workshops and one-to-one sessions on how to write a CV and cover letter as well as mock interview and assessment centre preparation."
"Emails are sent out regularly with info about careers services that are available."
"The careers service and on-campus recruiting are unbelievably strong. Employment is the university's forté. There's the careers service and societies are available for application advice and guidance. Numerous companies recruit on campus and there are multiple career fairs or company presentations through the year. We do constant preparation for getting a job or internship."
"A lot of guidance is offered from CV writing to interview prep."


"There is a lot of support available for certain careers eg banking, consulting, law. However, much less is done for other streams like marketing. We have regular careers fairs for both domestic and international careers. I have made use of the alumni network, it's easy to see relevant contacts and their email addresses. There are plenty of part-time job on campus, for the uni or SU."
"Warwick does a lot for its students and the staff offering career advice and key skills to jobseekers are active and visible on campus."
"Since day one we are exposed to the wide range of opportunities available to us. This makes me feel that my degree is very useful for the future. I have also been more aware of industry insights and commercial developments."
"We always have job fairs and are always encouraged about careers. They're encouraging even first years to take a direction in life."
"The careers service has been one of the most valuable services to me this year. The staff are extremely resourceful and are always willing to help with CVs/cover letters/interviews. The MyAdvantage webpage from the university provides great extra resources and updated job search results. I have also been to interview and careers confidence workshops, which has given me the confidence to actually go forth and apply for jobs."
"Good selection of careers fairs and meetings throughout the course but you need to actively engage to get anything from it."
"There are annual language alumni events to show undergraduates what they can do with a language degree after graduation. The careers team put on various events, workshops and sessions throughout the academic year (pretty much two or three a day)."
"The careers services are very useful and they are available to us for another three years after we have left."
"Regular emails from student careers updating you on vacancies and employer events. Many big employers visit from consultancy, banking, accounting and law firms but there is also an increasing presence of smaller companies. The effectiveness of alumni networks can vary, many societies (especially the academic ones) try to invite alumni or recent graduates back to talk about where they're working. General careers presentations may include employees who studied at Warwick."
"There are lots of options for support from the careers service. However, it would be better to have more events for arts careers as it's generally very focused on banking/big businesses etc, not things like publishing."

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