University of Warwick
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8.0 / 10 Overall Satisfaction
(based on 35 ratings in 2018)
In a few words
"The high level of teaching and research as well as plenty of opportunities to get involved with extracurricular activities."
Quality of academic facilities
8.2 / 10
Location of university
6.7 / 10
Night life
6.6 / 10
Student union
6.9 / 10
How diverse is your university
7.8 / 10
Quality of teaching
7.8 / 10
Preparation for a job
7 / 10
Quality of other facilities
7.9 / 10
Cost of living
6.6 / 10

What students say about...


"The opportunities that arise from being part of a prestigious university."


"Transportation (public buses) is expensive and there's an insufficient number of..."

Fun Facts

"Campus universities are beautiful and peaceful. After a point you may get bored of..."

Location of university

"Facilities are too expensive for a rural university. The lack of competition has..."

Night life

"Club nights on Mondays, Thursday and Fridays, local club nights on Saturdays. Most..."

Clubs and social environment

"Societies and clubs will cost you, so be prepared to spend money. Even if it is free..."

Diverse backgrounds

"I think it does, but there's always room for improvement."

Careers services

"Emails are sent out regularly with info about careers services that are availabl..."


"The high level of teaching and research as well as plenty of opportunities to get..."


"Because everything is all in one place, it can start to feel like you are trapped..."

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