University of the West of Scotland


What are the best things about studying at your university?


"The library resources are great and beneficial to the academic side of university."
"The great teaching staff and great resources."
"I've not had any problems with lecturers and it's very easy to travel to and get parked. The course has been very well put together so far."
"It's a very welcoming and informal environment with helpful and kind staff. We have kind and helpful lecturers as well as smaller classrooms and lecture classes. There's a laid back atmosphere and lecturers will eventually know you by name and will recognise you. We have informal relationships with lecturers so we can call them by their first names."


"The lecturers are really friendly."
"My course allows us to gain lots of practical experience."
"We get to work with great equipment."
"The Ayr campus is really nice."
"Great staff and access to resources."
"The staff are made up of some really brilliant people who will always go the extra mile to help support students with coursework, career planning and even personal issues."

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