University of the West of Scotland

Diverse backgrounds

Please let us know whether you think your university does enough to attract and cater for students from a diverse range of backgrounds?


"I am sure it does but more needs to be done, especially on how to help get the students around and fulfilling the basic requirements upon arrival."
"The university likes to make events for other cultures where you can learn more about them. It also offers trips around Scotland to give the international students opportunities to learn about Scottish culture."
"There seems to be a wide range of cultures and diversity among students."
"I think the university does enough to attract students from diverse backgrounds but perhaps more activities should take place. Panels made up of people from ethnic backgrounds can be put up every now and then providing information, meetings and hang out ideas for trips etc."


"Yes, I think it does. Many people from different cultures attend and are represented equally."
"The uni attracts many international students."
"This university does a fantastic job of catering for students from a very wide range of backgrounds and abilities. There is always help, advice and support available."
"There's a wide range of students at the university. All ages and races attend as well as a number of different people who have disabilities."

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