University of the West of Scotland


What are the worst things about studying at your university?


"The travel links to the Paisley campus aren't that great but the campus has a big car park across the road."
"The price of parking is restrictive."
"Some lecturers are poor at returning communication."
"I would perhaps extend the cafeteria premises and make them bigger if possible or build another one with more options for lunches and hang out sections. Also, it would be great if the library of UWS was to be open 24/7. I have friends studying in other UK universities and their libraries are open 24/7, part of me is jealous of them because it is more difficult to concentrate at home while I wouldn't mind pulling all nighters at UWS library."


"The university is not in a very active or interesting area."
"Some of the buildings are pretty old."
"Parts of the campus are outdated."
"Presentations have been on the same day as dissertation submissions before."
"There are not many social activities locally."
"There's limited parking and the library opening times are not the best."

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