University of Sussex


What are the best things about studying at your university?


"Everything is online, you can listen to lectures in bed!"
"The events and activities that are arranged for students upon arrival and during the year help with socialising and making new friends. I also like the high standards of equipment and the learning spaces provided for the students."
"It's a great place. The city of Brighton is home to a lot of different cultures and people and, although it is a small town, it is never boring. The university itself offers a great number of social events that can be attended, as well as a lot of cheap and fun events too."
"Well stocked library and good parking facilities. My course structure is good and there's a friendly and helpful faculty as well as a great careers service."
"Good transport links. Caring environment. Beautiful campus."
"Good teaching and location as well as lots of opportunities to get involved in extracurricular activities."
"Amazing professors who are really passionate about their fields of research."
"The campus is lovely. The majority of people are helpful and there is always a place where you can concentrate."
"Living on campus in my first year was a lot of fun. The campus is gorgeous and Brighton is an amazing place to spend three years."

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