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How would you rate your university towns night life?
Night life
8.1 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"There are many different clubs and bars in Brighton, you'll never be bored."
"There are different themed night clubs, from grime and R&B to disco and pop genres. There's the on-pier theme park rides, watersports area, shopping, swimming, cinema, gyms and many more options."
"Clubs are not rare, but the music is mostly the same and very 'mainstream'. It's the same for pubs, although there are loads of those as well as (cocktail) bars."
"Football, shopping, beach, cinema, Brighton centre, concerts."
"So many bars and clubs and pubs, as well as lovely restaurants and the pier. There's so much in Brighton that I could go on and on."
"There are a lot of clubs and pubs as well as Brighton Pier, the beach, the aquarium and a lot of shops and restaurants."
"It's easy to get to town, especially with a 24-hour bus service. There's a good variety of clubs playing different music as well as pubs and restaurants (especially for vegetarians)."
"Brighton Marina is a nice place and there is also Brighton Pier and the various museums etc."
"A good variety of clubs and bars as well as an overall good nightlife."
"Loads! We are on the seafront so we are able to go to the pier and there are lots of festivals and good clubs. There is a live band that play at Casablancas, 90s nights at the Haunt and Coalition and you can drink cocktails on the seafront at Riki Tik."

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