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Clubs and social environment

Please tell us more about the social environment, sports clubs and societies and anything else you think candidates need to know about life at your university.


"There's an excellent range of societies and clubs as well as good facilities. I would like more funding for societies though."
"There are two university gyms on campus and a Virgin Active off campus (15 minute walk) with an outdoor swimming pool. There are also many societies including political, religious, sports, dance and film based societies. Some of them include: the model UN society, yoga, and different types of dance societies from Latin to modern, ballroom and many more. You can play lacrosse, rugby, go skiing, or even play quidditch. There's even a Harry Potter society as well as a Doctor Who society. Honestly, there is something for everyone."
"There are more than 200 societies and sports clubs at Sussex Uni. Additionally, 'Active US' offers a great amount of very cheap sports activities such as badminton or netball. There are two bars on campus, some more restaurants and cafes and a supermarket as well as the students' union shop."
"There's lots on offer, both sports wise and politically. You can create your own society if you feel like there is a gap in the market."
"It's a very calm but also politically charged environment with a lot of societies for all types of people. There is something for everyone."
"There are quite a number of clubs, sports and societies that one can indulge in. It seems like fun."
"Sports facilities are alright, not very modern, but the gym has what I need. There's no swimming pool though."
"There's a wide variety of societies to get involved with including cheap yoga classes and anything that you might be interested in."
"Winter sports and ultimate frisbee seem popular. There's a lot of cultural support."
"The University of Sussex offers a variety of sports societies and events with the chance to try them first during freshers events. Two main bars allow for a social space, especially after or in between lecture times."

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