University of Surrey


What are the best things about studying at your university?


"We get excellent employment prospects and have a lovely campus and surroundings. The proximity to London is also great."
"The best thing is that there's always help when you need it and it's in a great location."
"It's all in one place so it's easy to find your way around. This also means that it isn't too much effort to go shopping or take a break. Also, the lake, hills and cathedral are all lovely spots to take a break."
"High post-graduation placement success and proximity to the city while still being in the quiet country. There's an extensive student body involvement in law and it's an international, student-friendly campus environment."
"It is in a great location, campus is in good condition and lecturers are all approachable and friendly."
"The extracurricular activities and advanced technological resources."
"It's quaint. The university is integrated with aspects of nature: there is a lake on campus and greeneries etc. It creates a peaceful atmosphere and makes it a great place to study."
"There are great study abroad options and lots of placement partners."
"It's a high-ranking university and is well respected in terms of research produced from the uni. It ranks highly for economics so employers do prefer Surrey students to many other university students."
"The students union is well run, the campus is beautiful, the library is open 24 hours, it is a top 10 university and it's only 30 minutes from London."

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