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How would you rate your university towns night life?
Night life
6.0 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"The nightlife isn't great, there are only a few clubs but plenty of bars and pubs."
"There are a range of pubs in Guildford that provide a chilled atmosphere or starting point for nights out. There are a handful of small clubs with a number of student nights throughout the week as well. The more popular clubs can get very busy, as can the students' union club. The scene is very one dimensional (mainly standard pop music) and it's hard to come across nights with hip hop, R&B, rave and techno music. There's a small shisha bar near the station and a Creams that's open until late. Guildford has good links to Clapham and London, where there is a bit more on offer."
"There are three night clubs in Guildford plus a Rubix on campus. Student societies do bar crawls around pubs and clubs, which are very popular. There are also a lot of pubs and restaurants that are great for going out in the evening."
"There are many beautiful pubs with cosy environments in Guildford."
"It's acceptable. There are things to do at night time like clubbing, karaoke and more but it's not too crowded. They do have some options for having fun out there but not all of them are good."
"I definitely expected more nightlife from a major city. The clubs in town are poor and few."
"How good you rate the nightlife will depend on where you come from. I come from quite a small town so the nightlife in Guildford offered plenty for me. For those that want more, there is always the option of travelling into London. The main spot on campus is the SU Rubix, which has a second event held downstairs most nights. In town there is Casino, Popworld, Thirteen and Spoons all in close proximity with more bars around the town."
"There's a lack of choice and almost everything is at London prices. The nightclub on campus is very good with a range of themed nights and guests. There's a whole host of pubs but they're also slightly expensive. There are other activities such as bowling, indoor trampolining and a cinema."
"We have one university club, a lot of bars in town but only one other club that's worth attending."


"There are quite a few clubs and bars with different themes and great restaurants."
"There are minimal clubs and bars. They're not all great but some are nice places to go for drinks."
"There are plenty of shops (both high and low end brands) as well as many restaurants catering for vegetarians, vegans and meat eaters. The canal is beautiful in the summer and there are many places to catch amazing views such as the nearby hills, cathedral, and castle."
"There are a few clubs and many bars and pubs that are quite nice. There are also lots of shops for shopping as well as places to go bowling, and ice skating as well as a cinema and many restaurants."
"There are three clubs, a Wetherspoons, lots of restaurants and also activities such as swimming and bowling."
"There's Boileroom offering great gigs and around five popular night clubs, each on a slightly different theme. There are also lots of local pubs for casual evenings of beer and chat."
"Frisky is my favourite club night as it's the only one that suits those who grew up with urban music."
"The only really big nightlife in Guildford is Casino night club."
"Clubs are average but there's a shisha bar, a Creams and a pool place so there are other things to do. It's also close enough to London for a night out there if you're bored of Guildford."
"Since Guildford is not a big city, it doesn't offer many options for nightlife. The transportation is limited too."

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