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Please comment on the location of your university (city, town, etc), the campus, the facilities, and student accommodation.
Location of university
8.2 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"I lived in halls that were about three miles from the main campus but I found this helped with my time management and was actually really good. The bus service was terrible and most of the people who were given a free bus (everyone that lived on the same campus as me) gave up with the buses and walked or cycled. The library is often overcrowded throughout the year and it is hard to find a quiet space to work in. The lecture halls and accommodation are both really good. There are parks close to where I am living this year with basketball courts and there is also ice skating and bowling at the Surrey Sports Park."
"The university is about 40 minutes from London. There are shops, cafés, restaurants, pubs and even a night club on campus. The uni has its own sports park a 20-minute walk from the main campus with amazing facilities including tennis courts, football and rugby fields and a swimming pool with saunas etc."
"The university campus is in the centre of Guildford with the gym and Tescos to the west while town is to the east. The train station is also very close to the university. Our campus is compact and picturesque and the facilities are becoming more modern as new works take place on the campus. The student accommodation ranges depending how much you are willing to pay with the lower bands being extremely basic and the upper bands being more modern. There are no living rooms in the student flats, just the rooms and a kitchen. During the day there is a gym, the town centre, Spectrum, a cinema and a swimming pool to make use of. There are lots of pubs and a few small nightclubs in the city centre too."
"The location of the university is perfectly situated between the Guildford town centre and the supermarket Tesco as well as being a 40-minute train ride away from Waterloo station in the centre of London. The academic facilities are modern and have incorporated technologies such as capturing lectures to watch later. The Surrey Sports Park has a 50m swimming pool, a gym, a climbing wall and several tennis courts and football pitches. The student accommodation has everything that a students needs and the whole campus creates an atmosphere that brings students closer."
"The student accommodation needs updating but town is close to the campus so there's a lot to do during the day."
"I live off campus but the whole town is well-served by public transport. The on-campus facilities are outstanding, although further seats should be allocated in the library."
"The location is great as it's very easy to get to the town and train station. Guildford has plenty of shops, cafés and restaurants as well as nightclubs, pubs and concert venues. The campus also has great cafés as well as its own nightclubs and bars. The accommodation is in a great location, it's modern and well maintained."
"Guildford is very pretty in an ideal location with good transport links near to London and other areas. The campus is very pretty with everything you need close at hand and the town centre is within walking distance. Housing is expensive but student accommodation is very good and offers a lot of variety for all budgets."
"We're in a nice and quiet town. Newer buildings have excellent facilities while older ones need to be upgraded. Very nice accommodation is available to students in student halls. If you're renting outside, prices increase dramatically and the quality drops."


"Town is a bit quiet but London is nearby. Campus and facilities are very cosy and good but student accommodation is expensive."
"The town is close to London, which is amazing for nights out or day trips! The facilities are super, especially the sports facilities just next to the Manor Park accommodation. Student accommodation was always clean, central and safe."
"The university campus is a lovely green space really close to Guildford town and the train station. The town is very pleasant and has good transport links with London, Gatwick and the south. The facilities have benefited from a large amount of investment and are excellent. The library is modern and spacious, the sports facilities are new and comprehensive (albeit expensive) and most teaching spaces are nice. Most accommodation is new and pleasant and all accommodation has excellent security and large kitchens."
"The location of my university is very good as it's close to London but far enough away from the hecticness of it all. The town is beautiful and quaint and there are many shops. Campus facilities are very good, there are banks and a very nice library. Campus accommodation varies on how much you pay but most of them are well equipped, clean and new."
"It's located just a 15-minute walk from the town centre and 10 minutes from the main train station. It's a very clean campus with all the facilities you need (launderette, shops, bank, library etc.). The gym is located 15 minutes out of town at the sports park and Surrey students get a discount on membership."
"It's a great green campus with a big selection of shops, bars and restaurants in Guildford. There's a nice library, reasonably good accommodation, a comfortable town and good connections to London."
"The University of Surrey is located in Guildford, which is a small town that's a 40-minute train journey from central London. The town itself has a very low crime rate and nice nightlife options. From bowling to ice skating, it's easy to find some entertainment. Thorpe Park is an amazing amusement park 15 minutes from Guildford by car. There is also a place for wake-boarding by Thorpe Park that offers great student discounts. However, there's not enough student accommodation for the amount of students in town. There is another academy and both the university and other colleges have been taking in students that are over their accommodation capacities."
"The town of Guildford is quite nice and very green. However, traffic is really bad and, as a second year student, I don't live on campus so the journey from home can be long. The accommodation this year has been slightly disappointing because even some first years that were guaranteed places did not get in. Otherwise, the facilities are excellent and I enjoyed my experience in uni accommodation in my first year."
"The campus is kept very clean and it's not difficult to find things. However, the campus needs a variety of places where students can buy food and it's limited in that area."
"The location is good. The gym and Tesco are both within walking distance and buses are always around (if not on time). Campus is nice and slowly being improved. Facilities are good, we have an excellent library and gym. Student accommodation is OK but could be improved and is quite expensive."

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