University of Surrey

Fun Facts

What interesting or little-known facts can you tell us about your firm?


"If you ever just want to be alone or go for a walk then the campus is beautiful and has two amazing lakes you can walk round."
"If you are at the university, everything you need is less than a 20-minute walk away. The main Tesco, the gym, the city centre, the cinema, the train station and the bus station are all nearby."
"The University of Surrey is a place where extensive research is happening from space satellites to movement capture and virtual reality to 5G internet connection."
"It's where Led Zeppelin performed their first gig!"
"The university is highly research-orientated, with major success in work on special satellites and 5G network."
"There are a number of spots on campus that have been featured in films and TV series (eg the Duke of Kent building and the Cathedral)."
"Our aerospace students sent a stuffed toy model of our mascot (Steve the stag) into orbit using a weather balloon."
"The union does a great job at organising events from trips to Disneyland Paris and outdoor cinemas through to impressive guest nights at the university club and huge end of year party after exams."

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