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Please comment on the support you’ve had from the careers services, the type of employers that present and recruit on campus, the effectiveness of the alumni network, as well as fairs and on-campus recruitment activity.


"The careers service guided me through my CV structure and provided me with extensive material on good employers and sent regular emails to me with job openings."
"There are quite a few careers events with many representatives from big name brands coming down to recruit and talk about law, science, maths and all courses really. Careers services offer mock interviews catered to your job category. They're very helpful."
"I'm currently searching for a placement for next year and I feel the careers service has prepared me very well for this search."
"We get annual recruitment fairs and the careers service helps with interview skills and CVs. We get lots of talks and employers that visit the uni regularly."
"There are plenty of fairs to help you find a variety of different types of jobs including a summer job, an internship for Easter or a graduate scheme. The careers centre is very useful in helping with CVs and covering letters."
"Not much is geared towards the arts subjects and careers fairs always seem to take place on Wednesdays so, if you are a member of a sports team, then it can be tricky to attend them. I highly recommend taking a placement in the third year as it was the most beneficial thing I did in terms of learning about the 'real world' working since being here."
"I am highly satisfied with the careers service of my campus. They hold recruitment and internship fairs twice a year in a huge marquee as well as small networking sessions with alumni that are department specific. I have found a graduate role for myself via a connection I made in one of those network sessions."
"My degree offers a sandwich course where I get to do a year of industrial work and I think that this has helped a lot with my portfolio. Also, the careers service holds career days where employers visit and students can check them out and find out the requirements to get into that employment. There are also CV workshops and presentations to help students know what to include and what not leave out in a CV. Some presentations prepare people for interviews with companies."
"I undertook an industry placement that has greatly boosted my employability skills. The university offers CV checks, invites guest speakers, holds career fairs and advertises part-time and graduate vacancies. Also, there is a Unitemps office on campus that hires students."
"My department gives us the chance to apply for a scholarship that pairs us with a company that provides placements and work every summer, as well as potential jobs following graduation."

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