University of Sunderland


What are the best things about studying at your university?


"High quality of lecturers and the location of the campus."
"The lecturers, the help and the support."
"Cheap living. Accommodation is close to campus and the city centre and there's subsidised bus travel in the local region. Numerous scholarships and bursaries are on offer here."
"Qualifications and work-related experience."
"My lecturers and the course structure."
"The social life and location are both great."
"Great lecturers and help offered as well as lots of student services who actually help."
"The course I am studying is great, meeting lots of people from all over the world and the locations of the campuses are really good too. The City campus is near to the town centre and the St. Peter campus is near to Tesco Extra and Lidl. Basically, everywhere is in walking distance."

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