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What are the best things about studying at your university?


"The location, teaching expertise, industrial links and placement opportunities."
"The course content is interesting and stimulating, the assignments are relevant and the university brings real companies into the university to inspire and guide us."
"It's easily accessible with good facilities and a great student life and culture."
"It's international, there are 66 students from 25 countries on my course."
"It's a great social experience as it has Scotland's largest students' union with a diverse group of friendly students. There are many clubs and societies to be a part of."
"There are loads of student societies and it's right in the heart of the city."
"My lecturers and staff are always helpful and open to trying new ways to teach or help students."


"Being in the centre of Glasgow is great fun, whether you like city living or getting out in the country (trains are great!). They have a great exchange programme, though they should advertise it more. I felt the standard of the students was very high for the reputation and couldn't help but think that was down to Strathclyde having the highest entry requirements for engineering in Scotland. I think that this meant the uni received all the students who could perhaps have gone to a university with a bigger name but didn't want to have to pay the fees of English universities."
"Its location is very convenient, close to shops and amenities. It provides a large variety of extracurricular activities to get involved in. The library has a large variety of resources and the staff are always there to help."
"The business school is of high quality. The campus and its location are great and Glasgow is a lovely city."
"There's encouragement to participate and enthusiasm in the departments. We're in the centre of Glasgow, which is a vibrant, social and prosperous city."
"The majority of the staff are really friendly and approachable. Plus, they are held in high regard within their fields of research."
"The university is very helpful with careers advice and degree advice is readily available. The teaching methods are great too, projects and essays help consolidate the information learned throughout the semester and make it an active course."
"It's central in Glasgow and has hundreds of clubs and societies on offer as well as the best engineering department in the country."
"Job opportunities, prestigious lecturers, up to date technology, amazing library services and inspirational courses."
"It's a highly ranked university with a top-level engineering faculty."
"Strathclyde Uni has a great location right in the city centre where it's close to all public transport and other amenities, with the entire uni all on one campus. The uni also has a good reputation and graduates are highly sought after because they have plenty of research and practical experience from their courses. Everybody is friendly too!"

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