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Please comment on the location of your university (city, town, etc), the campus, the facilities, and student accommodation.
Location of university
9.4 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"The location is great in terms of transport!"
"It's a very central location and has good facilities and lots of shops nearby."
"The location is fantastically close to the centre, but this means we lack facilities such as large supermarkets. The facilities are okay and are consistently being done up, but some are too small and old-fashioned. The labs for my course are perfectly adequate. The gym is good but getting too small, construction of new one is underway though so they are working on it. Our halls are fantastic and I love that they are so close. The library is good but too hot! You have the whole of Glasgow to choose from so there's no shortage of things to do."
"We have a very good location and facilities, the accommodation could be improved though."
"The location of the university is perfect as it's near all of the transport links such as the subway, train station and bus station. The campus could be better taken care of with a lot of the buildings looking dreary and dated. The current gym is small, with dated and breaking equipment. However, the university is in the process of building a new one. There are a number of cafés around the campus with a good selection of food, but they are a bit pricey."
"You couldn't get a better location in the city centre and there's amazing public transport. The campus is great although it's on a massive hill."
"The university campus is right in the centre of the city and is within walking distance of many train, subway and bus stations, meaning travelling about the city is simple. There are many shops, restaurants, gardens, museums and galleries around Glasgow to keep you entertained during the day."


"The location is brilliant but I think the facilities suffer because of it (lack of space etc). Glasgow is an awesome city to be a student in as it's cheap, full of things to do all hours and there are loads of other students to do it all with."
"The university is in a perfect central location and is easy to get to. The student union building and the gym are good and there are places to pray for religious students. Glasgow is an excellent city to live in with plenty of places to eat, drink and socialise."
"The university is based in Glasgow city centre and all the facilities are located on campus. My student accommodation is located off campus in the city centre but is still close by."
"The uni is in the city centre, close to clubs and stuff. The campus is new and fresh, there's a lot of nature and we're close to supermarkets. The facilities are great, I love the library and the cafes around campus. Student accommodation halls are banging."
"It's easily accessible by public transport as it's in the city centre but this is also the reason for there being a lot of congestion though. The campus has been built on hills and this can make it tiring to get to and from classes. Places to eat can be found in most university buildings, as well as plenty of computers to work with, comfortable study environments, easily accessible resources and a wide variety of materials offered by the library."
"Glasgow is a vibrant city with beautiful places to visit including Kelvingrove Park and the museum. The halls in first year were located five minutes from the lecture halls, which was perfect."
"Glasgow is a vibrant city. The campus has comfortable facilities and good computer labs."
"It's right in the city centre of Glasgow, which makes it extremely convenient."
"The university is right in the city centre so you can walk to bars and clubs. Alternatively, getting a taxi between a group is only one or two pounds each."
"The whole uni is located on one campus in Glasgow city centre. This includes the gym, library, cafes and student halls. Student halls are right next to the campus buildings, which is convenient if you're running late for a 9.00 am lecture! Accommodation varies depending on cost but they are all generally well maintained and secure."

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