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What are the worst things about studying at your university?


"It can sometimes feel very disorganised."
"Being a smaller university means fewer societies and other such opportunities."
"The housing costs for university halls are higher than they should be."
"The library is rather poor."
"The level of feedback and help I've received is insufficient to allow development and progress."
"There's no sense of organisation or desire to help students in need."
"Everything seems to happen at once ie coursework and tests etc."


"It rains a lot in Glasgow and the university sports facilities (specifically the gym) are pretty sub-par. However, you are in the centre of a large city so there are other non-university facilities to use."
"The standard of my teaching has been disappointing and the administration in the engineering department can be disorganised."
"Marking and feedback could be returned faster."
"The level of academic support I've received has been relatively poor and I haven't been impressed by the quality of administration within the finance office."
"Having to climb a big hill to get there."
"As the university is predominantly based around engineering, not as much attention or effort is put into the humanities courses."
"The buildings are not as appealing as other universities and many of the students are from the city."
"The library is often very full if you don't time your visit just right."
"Some facilities could be improved and I think more scholarships and awards could be given to students with merit."
"During the day, the library tends to be very busy and it's difficult to find computers or desk space (although there are other locations throughout campus)."

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