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Please tell us more about the social environment, sports clubs and societies and anything else you think candidates need to know about life at your university.


"The social environment in halls is fantastic and always busy. There is always a party somewhere and they're normally happy to have you in. Sports clubs have a good range but are always struggling for training time in the sports centre (if they use it), a lot only train the team and have no recreational purpose. Plenty of clubs use outside facilities though these cost money, sadly. Societies have a huge range and it's so easy to set one up if it doesn't already exist."
"The uni has plenty of clubs and societies to choose from and there's a brand new gym with a pool being built, ready for opening soon."
"Strathclyde has produced some of Scotland's leading athletes including many Olympians. The university has the only skydiving club in the nation's universities."
"There are over 130 clubs and societies at the university and, if you can't find one you want to join, you can make your own. It ranges from political and activism to course related. There is also a new £31 million sports and health facility currently being built on campus."


"Strathclyde has been on the up in recent years with university sports. The rugby club fields three teams with the first coming joint 1st this year in the top Scottish league."
"The variety of sports clubs and societies is excellent and there's definitely something for everyone to enjoy."
"There is practically a society for every activity you can think of, whether it's in sports or music or even playing chess."
"There are loads of sports clubs available at Strathclyde and all are well run and organised."
"We've got endless opportunities for clubs and societies to join. From football to surfing to the African Society club."
"All the societies are great whether you want to compete or socialise."
"Everything is easily accessible from the university."
"I think there isn't enough promotion of our sports teams. I hear from friends about our basketball and volleyball teams winning, or the swimming team doing very well and competing at high levels. The university should communicate it more."
"There's a variety of sports but the lack of an art-themed club is unfortunate."
"The number of clubs and societies provided at the uni is vast and there's definitely something for everyone. You can go along to the clubs and societies fair in freshers' week where you can sign up for anything and everything!"

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