University of Stirling


What are the best things about studying at your university?


"The campus is great and the location is ideal. It's got the perks of a city yet is set away from the city, which allows for a relaxed time. The sports facilities are available to utilise, especially for those training at an elite level. The cycle route from town to campus is safe. There's an on-campus bank and a grocery store that makes living on campus easy but the cheap fare on the regular bus link makes shopping in town a breeze anyway. Stirling feels safe, it's filled with tourists and doesn't feel like a student town until it's a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday night. The careers office is actually very good at Stirling and the friendly staff make graduate job planning less of a daunting task but more of an achievable challenge."
"The student support staff are very helpful and care about the students. The lecturers are very knowledgeable and we're in a beautiful location with a lot of green."
"The best things about Stirling University are the views, the sports facilities and the inclusiveness."
"The chance to engage with a subject that I'm passionate about."
"The campus is spectacular and has made studying in summer much easier. We have good links to the city centre and other major towns around the university. There are plenty of sporting opportunities and great facilities to use while doing so."


"Stirling town is reasonably cheap and affordable. There are good gyms and sports facilities on campus."
"Lecturers and tutors were so helpful and the sports facilities were epic."
"I really enjoyed the campus size as a whole. There were plenty of walking trails and the facilities never felt overly crowded to me. I also appreciated the one-on-one attention from my supervisor."
"The amazing surroundings and getting great support from tutors and lecturers. I also really liked taking part in an exchange abroad."
"All the social opportunities and sporting facilities."
"The quality of lecturers and events organised for students. We get a wide range of societies and sports clubs too."
"The placements offered are very useful and very hands on. The campus is very large and has many facilities to use. The staff are very helpful and always get back to you as soon as they can and will even take questions after lectures on coursework if you're struggling with it."
"There are amazing views and landscapes. As the student numbers are smaller, lecturers have more time for you."

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