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How would you rate your university towns night life?
Night life
6.9 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"Fubar and Dusk are the two clubs but Stirling is great for pubs from Settle Inn (the oldest pub in Stirling) to The Old Beer Company. You've got pubs for the Australian vibe (Outback or Kilted) or the classic Irish pub (Molly Malones) where the staff are mostly Irish and the live music is great craic. Nicky Tams has giant Jenga blocks to play with after a few pints. Cape has a dance floor and is in between the pubs and clubs, it's more for a warm-up dance at 11.00 pm. Dusk has Skint Tuesdays with £1 and £2 drinks and Fubar has two floors and a VIP room."
"The nightlife at the university is almost non-existent. There is a small bar that stays open until evening but the rest close pretty early so this makes the university a bit boring in the evening and night. It would be nice if there was an area for many students to hang out. There are many pubs and two clubs in town and the university offers a range of activities from volunteering to sport clubs to societies to language lessons."
"There's a great variety of cultural and amusement activities."
"We only have two clubs (Dusk and Fubar) but, between the two, there is always a reasonable number of decent nights out throughout the week and plenty of special events associated with them. In terms of pubs, there is a large selection of establishments for all budgets, each with their own special something."
"The nightlife isn't great, it's better going through to Glasgow."


"There are two clubs in town, which means that they are always active so it can make a good night out. There are several bars that are reasonably priced. During the day there are lots of shops but otherwise it's a regular town centre."
"It is a small town so the nightlife is rather limited but, other than that, there are great restaurants and cafes."
"There are two clubs and a lot of pubs, some with organised open-mic nights or similar."
"There are a few decent pubs around and loads of live music!"
"Only two clubs so not much, but they tend to be busy at least."
"There are two nightclubs as well as many pubs on offer in town."
"Two main clubs and lots of good pubs."

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