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Please comment on the location of your university (city, town, etc), the campus, the facilities, and student accommodation.
Location of university
8.3 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"The ability to take a hike up Damyat is on your doorstep and we have great cycle routes to the countryside. There are amazing coffee shops that are well suited for a student and we have plenty of sightseeing opportunities. The shopping mall is great for finding a new outfit as well as a dress-up costume for a social night. There's a 24-hour gym, a swimming pool off campus with an ice skating rink, a river for rowing and a rugby club to watch some top-quality games on the weekend. There are plenty of pubs for good grub as well as hotels and hostels for family to visit and stay in."
"The university is a bit far away from the town so you can't walk and you need to take the bus or a bike. The good student accommodation is very pricey but in great condition. The more affordable options range from decent to good. The library is big, the sport facilities are excellent and there are options to eat or drink."
"The location of the campus is incredible and there is a range of facilities for everyone including a cinema, restaurant, gym, track and a range of other sporting facilities."
"There is very little to do in and around Stirling. The accommodation is currently being replaced but the accommodation I was in during my first year was terrible."
"The campus is beautiful and tranquil, the buildings are all fairly easy to navigate and everything is a short walk away. There are multiple food outlets, a great sports facility, a bookshop, a chemist and a fantastic library. There's also a campus cinema and events space with a varied programme."
"The student accommodation is improving, if slightly expensive. Facilities are great across the board and it's the only uni I looked at with an on-campus golf course. The campus is spectacular and provides plenty to do with Dumyat and Arthrey close by. Other facilities, such as the sports facilities and the library, are very good."
"The location of the campus is great in terms of travel links, though the parking provisions are very poor."


"The campus is not in town and is closer to Bridge of Allan. The accommodation was poor when I began my degree but the university has started a renovation project to improve this. However, it does mean that prices are going up for new accommodation."
"The location is great and the town itself is beautiful. The campus is really lovely but it is small compared to others, so space can be a problem."
"Campus is gorgeous! The location is perfectly between Glasgow and Edinburgh so you can take your pick for days or nights out. The newer accommodation is great but the old accommodation is outdated and overly expensive."
"The campus is slightly far away from town but the buildings are modern and well equipped."
"The university is located in a superb location and surrounded by mountains and a forest."
"It's very well located with everything situated in close proximity."
"We're on a rural campus with lakes and wildlife. It's a fantastic location and is very representative of Scottish scenery. There's plenty of student accommodation as well as lots of coffee shops, restaurants and pubs."
"The town is good with connections to larger cities and the campus is beautiful. Available accommodation is, unfortunately, too expensive but the facilities are up to task."
"The campus is about 10 minutes away from the city centre but buses are available every few minutes or so. All the facilities are accessible and there's computer access 24/7 with WiFi available everywhere you go."
"The uni has beautiful surroundings, some of the buildings look outdated but I like that. There are great sports facilities and food outlets."

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