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Diverse backgrounds

Please let us know whether you think your university does enough to attract and cater for students from a diverse range of backgrounds?


"There is always more to be done but international students are well catered for, as are locals. Stirling wouldn't be Stirling without the range of folk here. I think the sports union could organise some staff members or students to travel around the UK to influence and promote our university to high school students, as young people trying to decide on a university will surely be excited to meet and question someone in shorts and a T rather than a shirt and tie. Especially when Stirling tries to be a sporting university to get the best out of sports."
"I have never seen or experienced discrimination. I have met students from all kinds of backgrounds and they seemed satisfied with their experience here."
"The university has a range of international students. During my four years I have met and made friends with people from so many different countries. I have also been given the opportunity to take part in the Chinese buddy scheme this year. This has been an incredibly valuable opportunity allowing us both to learn and share our culture and experiences of the world. Furthermore, it enables students to integrate and feel part of the university community."
"There is enough done to attract different students."


"There are many international opportunities and clubs to join and, generally, there is a good range of diverse students."
"With the lack of affordable accommodation and the rise of super expensive alternatives, students that have lower incomes are going to find it harder to attend. Overall, they have quite a lot of international students, especially on the arts and humanities degrees."
"The university is very concerned with attracting diversity, though it is still lacking a little. The international contingent in Stirling is one of the largest I've seen with people from all over Europe and the world."
"There are a wide variety of clubs and societies for Afro-Caribbean and Chinese students etc."
"There are students from all around the world at the university and they cater for all by providing tutors and equipment to anyone that needs them."
"Yes, the university fosters international cooperation and understanding between different cultures."

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