University of Stirling


What are the worst things about studying at your university?


"Stirling likes to do its own thing, be its own 'difference', especially in the sports scene. I honestly feel the sports union has a constant battle between getting everyone involved and having an elite performance level. This is all with comparison to other universities, which seem to support athletes into that top level rather than picking them because they've already performed at high levels. Also, more charitable and volunteering opportunities could really be improved at the university."
"The architecture of the buildings could have been better and there are not many interesting events going on on campus. The cafeterias close in the afternoon so there aren't many things to do unless you go downtown after that."
"Stirling is very small with little to do."
"The new accommodation is slightly expensive and there's a relatively small amount of nightlife in the city if you are interested in that stuff."
"There's poor support for disabled students and the waiting time/process for marking and releasing results is slow."


"It's a very insulated environment and away from the town. There is not much to do in the town itself either."
"The size of the university means that they are lacking adequate living quarters for students on campus."
"Overpriced accommodation and some poor communication with lecturers"
"The university keeps changing the grade totalling system and departments can be slow to inform us of this."
"Clubs are limited and the student accommodation on campus is getting more expensive."
"Library resources are limited."
"The location can feel isolated sometimes."
"The accommodation that is offered on campus is very expensive as the majority of it is new builds."

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