University of St Andrews


What are the best things about studying at your university?


"The history of St Andrews, the beaches, the safe location and the amazing teaching."
"The community in St Andrews is fantastic. The town is small enough that you can know lots of different people and bump into friends wherever you go. The traditions are also a lot of fun, especially academic families that are a great way of helping you to settle."
"There is a strong student community in town that allows you to have a true full student experience. Teachers have very informal approaches with students."
"We're in a beautiful small town with a friendly atmosphere that makes it easy to see people and nothing is far to walk to. There are friendly tutors, fun nights out at the union, a beach right next to the uni, sports games and socials."
"The town is idyllic and one of the most beautiful places you could possibly study at. The quality of the academics is excellent and you get unbelievable amounts of personal attention."
"The various activities and societies you can be involved in and the location being right by the coast."
"There are strong academics. The university has a good reputation as well as plenty of clubs and societies to join."


"The town is very beautiful and the lecturers in film studies are very passionate. Another big plus is how ambitious the other students are."
"The university is so unique and has super friendly students. There's a great social anthropology department, a beautiful campus and great social events and sports teams/societies."
"The education is to a high standard and the opportunities are many. The laboratory times are plentiful and the town is absolutely gorgeous. The sports facilities are great with plenty of support."
"The course, the people and the opportunities to get involved with things."
"Small and with a very good educational standard."
"The location and the professionalism of the teaching staff."
"It's a beautiful location with a close-knit community."
"St Andrews is a very tight-knit community and, because it is such a small town with such a large student population, you can't walk down the street without knowing somebody. There are so many opportunities to make friends whether it's in halls, class, societies and sports or in our unique academic families."
"I love the town, it's small, pretty and by the sea. There's good support in place and I've met great people."
"The people, the community and the world-class experts teaching us."

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