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How would you rate your university towns night life?
Night life
6.8 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"There are several pubs in town and the students' union has a big building with bars and a night club. However, many things close early in town."
"The pub selection is great and the balls/events are usually good but very expensive. The club scene is pretty poor but that is to be expected in a small town, it is what you make of it."
"I am no expert on the nightlife but there are a few very popular clubs around, including in the union. The students' association puts on different club nights on different days of the week, including themed nights such as silent discos and 80s nights (to give just a couple of examples). We have a good number of high-quality, student-friendly pubs where many a pub crawl and society meeting has taken place. The Brewing Co is an absolute favourite among St Andrews students."
"The union is fun and a good place to chat to people. 601 puts on some fun events but it can feel like too much of the same sometimes. Saturdays are usually kind of quiet compared to other universities. The pubs vary between friendly and very local-orientated but most are nice in general. Rascals has been a good host for football socials but is empty most other nights. The Whey Pat was a great place to grab a drink and some nachos although prices and food have changed with their redesign. The Rule is the best pub for cheap drinks, although it would be better if it properly became the Wetherspoons it aspires to be."
"In regard to clubs, there is the Union and the Vic, so this university would not be suited to someone who is keen on partying or clubbing a lot. However, there are plenty of pubs so it is ideal for someone happy with that kind of environment."
"There are loads of pubs and a good house-party scene. The union is decent but other clubs are limited. You can always go to Dundee though, it takes half an hour."
"It is rather quiet overall but the balls and big parties make it more lively. The union bars and club are rather cheap and can be very animated on some nights."


"There is only one 'nightclub', which is very small. There are a couple of pubs and a few bars in town, though all are small."
"The Lizard is great! The Vic and Ma Bells is also available if you're after a more basic night. We have an abundance of beaches for bonfires and general chilling."
"There are numerous pubs and two clubs (if you can call them that) but you can still have a great time if you want to enjoy a night out. There are always plenty of balls throughout the semester, which are the equivalent of a big night out in a city uni."
"All of the available places are expensive, either to enter or to purchase drinks in."
"There aren't many places to go to on a night out. Many students go to Dundee, which is 20 minutes away on a bus."
"There are a couple of nightclubs and bars."
"There are almost as many pubs per square kilometre as London. There's also golf at the links."
"There are gym and swim facilities, three beaches, a castle, cathedral ruins, the Fife coastal walk (which is absolutely beautiful) and plenty of bars."
"There's not a lot, only one club and a couple of club-like areas in other bars. Lots of pubs though! Pub nights are very common."
"There are only a few places to go out, but the social scene (house parties etc) doesn't lack. Societies also keep having events that are varied and well organised. Lots of fashion shows and balls etc."

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