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Location of university

Please comment on the location of your university (city, town, etc), the campus, the facilities, and student accommodation.
Location of university
9.0 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"It's a beautiful city near the sea."
"The small town means there are limits to the activities you can do within but the access to beaches and countryside is great. The university facilities are very good but the library needs to be expanded to keep up with the growing student body. The accommodation needs to be addressed as there's a lack of affordable student housing. The overall location of St Andrews is not great in regards to accessibility and the lack of a train station really limits quick and easy travelling."
"Although the university is situated in a small town, there is a lot to do in the town. If not, then a train ride to larger cities is more than manageable. The halls of residence are all fantastic and there is a strong sense of community spirit."
"The gym is brand new and ideal. It may lack a swimming pool, but we are right next to the sea."
"It's a bit out of the way to get to, though there is a direct train to London and an airport only an hour away. The town is very small so all of the university sites and amenities are, at most, a 20-minute walk from anywhere. There's a great library, union and sports centre that have all been recently updated. There are beautiful old buildings as well as weird old traditions and histories. The uni is very international and I have friends from many different countries. There are three beaches and great scenery if you like walking and the outdoors."
"The uni is in a nice area with really great restaurants. There are not many places to go for nights out but the places you can go to are good."
"Everything is excellent apart from the accommodation, which is either not affordable or not in great condition. Also, the fact that the town is small reduces the opportunities to earn money so that one can afford the accommodation."
"The campus is located in a very nice area. It is quiet and not crowded. My accommodation is really close to the buildings of the uni that I go to. There are nice coffee shops and buildings of interest with historical significance nearby. It is never too loud or crowded."


"The town is small but very beautiful and has everything you need. It's possible to walk to all the buildings of the university. The sports centre is small but the accommodation is great, it's very comfortable and well managed. Living in private accommodation can be tough, though, as there isn't enough of it in town and the prices are high."
"The town is lovely and campus is nice but accommodation is too expensive."
"It's a small town but that means that everything is within walking distance. Halls are great if you get in to the right one. The library is very nice but gets way too crowded during revision weeks."
"St Andrews is a small town in the middle of nowhere on the east coast. The style of student accommodation is one of the reasons I chose to study here, not many universities offer corridor-like accommodation and it's one of the best ways to make friends. However, student accommodation is very expensive, particularly once you move out of halls."
"I love the fact that St Andrews is a little isolated but still only a 40-minute bus ride from Dundee or one hour train journey from Edinburgh. I love that I can just nip over to the beach for a stroll by the sea. The array of sports offered is vast and the sports facilities are new and impressive. The library causes issues as there is often limited space. Accommodation is a bit of an issue as it's limited in terms of non-uni rented properties and halls are getting progressively more expensive."
"All facilities are in a great state. However, the housing is very expensive and competitive and many students struggle to find a house."
"The university is in a town that has ample access to facilities and commercial business. However, accommodation has been a problem lately due to letting agencies and shortages in hall accommodation."
"Amazing, though a bit in the middle of nowhere."
"The town is absolutely beautiful with three beaches, a castle and beautiful streets. The university buildings are spread throughout the town, making the whole town feel like a campus. The student accommodation is of a very high standard and located centrally with a mix of very modern to more traditional, early 1900s buildings."
"It's close to Edinburgh and Dundee so you can get access to Primark and other big city things. Student accommodation is dotted around the place so you can find accommodation near your subject pretty easily. Computer rooms and studying places are strategically placed throughout the town so you can always find somewhere suitable."

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