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Diverse backgrounds

Please let us know whether you think your university does enough to attract and cater for students from a diverse range of backgrounds?


"I think the university does make a considerable effort to attract students from diverse backgrounds. It still has quite a high percentage of students from public schools, but there is a push to take in more from state schools such as my own and the numbers from less privileged backgrounds are increasing gradually. The student community is incredibly international and I have often been in tutorials where I have been the only student from the UK. This is such a valuable aspect of life in St Andrews and meeting people from other cultures and backgrounds has been one of the highlights of my uni experience."
"St Andrews is great because of its incredibly large international student body. However, the number of students from lower-income families is not too large."
"The university has a lot of projects to support entrants and prospective students from diverse backgrounds, including those from low-income backgrounds and those coming from care. It has lots of Asian, European and American students but not many black students."
"It offers a few scholarships and such to promote the university to lower socioeconomic groups, but in my experience this doesn't seem to carry through to the representation in the student body."


"The university does a lot to attract American students in particular. There are also a lot of Chinese students. There definitely is diversity but some populations are under-represented while others are over-represented."
"I don't think they do enough because they need more scholarships and cheaper accommodation. However, they are trying to improve on this."
"I'm not sure exactly. There are scholarships available for students from low income backgrounds and the uni attracts a lot of students from Europe and America in particular."
"Yes, plenty of events and clubs are held where students from all over the world can meet and socialise."
"It caters for a lot of nationalities, just not enough for those from lower economic backgrounds."
"Every year the university manages to widen access a little bit more. There are many more opportunities for international students to come as well."
"St Andrews has a very diverse student body in terms of the range of nationalities, particularly in terms of students from North America. However, I feel that the university isn't very diverse in other ways as the majority of its students do come from the same wealthy and privileged background."
"It's very diverse in terms of nationality. In terms of overall students, it does feel that most people are upper and middle class."

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