University of St Andrews


What are the worst things about studying at your university?


"Being a small town brings its drawbacks. There are no big shops and it can be difficult to reach bigger cities and airports."
"Probably the expense. It's an expensive town to live in, particularly in terms of the price of accommodation, but also in terms of general living costs."
"It can sometimes feel a little too small as there are not as many places to go for a night out or a ton of daytime activities when you don't have work. Class sizes are occasionally too big for seminars."
"Transport connections are poor so it feels quite isolated at times. The library needs to be much bigger for the number of students there are. Pastoral care could also be much better and the town is very expensive."
"It is a bit isolated since it is a small town and the options to go out are a bit limited."
"There's poor help for students suffering with mental illness and there's very little financial support for students from poorer backgrounds. The university is more of a business than a site for learning."
"St Andrews is unique and certainly not for everyone. The weather and the size of the town can certainly be off-putting for some people so be sure to visit before joining. Also, the cost of living is exorbitant. The sporting facilities could be better and the library struggles to accommodate all students during exam periods."


"The town is very small and can get boring. The careers centre is less than helpful."
"There are high living costs here."
"The short semesters mean you hit the ground running when term starts so the pressure can sometimes build up."
"The extremely high academic standard can lead to lectures/classes giving off a sense of distance between students and academics."
"Nightlife is not wonderful and the small size of the town is sometimes a bit choking. Poor organisation of events such as balls can lead to unpleasant circumstances, such as 3.00 am queues in the rain."
"I've noticed that not many employers come to us."
"It's a small city and it can sometimes be hard to find something to do during free time."
"Nightlife can be a bit dead and the gym is awful."
"Because the town is quite small and isolated, it can feel like you are trapped in the 'bubble' so I sometimes need to escape to Edinburgh or Dundee."
"The location and weather. It's remote and cold."

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