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Clubs and social environment

Please tell us more about the social environment, sports clubs and societies and anything else you think candidates need to know about life at your university.


"There is a wonderful community with lots of opportunities to try new sports or societies. There's a society for anything you can imagine and, if there's not, you can easily set one up."
"There is a great 'coffee culture' in St Andrews. The town has many, many coffee shops and is the number one stop for catching up with friends or getting to know someone new. I am no expert on the sports clubs but there seems to be everything you could possibly imagine on offer, from Quiddich to ultimate frisbee, as well as some slightly more conventional sports. It is an overused cliché but, when it comes to societies, there is genuinely something for everyone whether you're into dancing, baking, knitting, learning languages, acting or Tunnock's tea cakes. If there is a void crying out for a particular society, all you need is a group of 12 friends and you can form your own."
"I have not been to many different societies but there is a variety, even if some of them seem quite weird. Some societies, such as Mermaids, can feel like too much of a clique for a certain group of people. Sports clubs are generally good and there are plenty of sports to play, socials provide fun evenings and the monthly Sinners ensures a busy night in 601."
"The social environment is extraordinary as there are so many things to do from sports such as surfing to techno or jazz bands to get involved in. There are environmental hippie groups to be part of too, there is something for everyone here."
"There's always something to do, but most of the balls and larger social events are priced highly. The sport clubs organise lots of social events and nights out and there are good society pub crawls and socials."


"The social environment is excellent. There are all types of clubs from sports clubs to the Disney club."
"There are lots of sports teams with social and competitive sides. Sinners (the sports night out) is... Messy. There are about a thousand fashion shows to get involved with alongside a plethora of other societies."
"Sports at the university is becoming a bigger deal with the new, much needed development of the sports centre. There are numerous teams to get involved in whether competitively or socially. There are also many societies you can be involved in or you can start your own should you find there isn't one for your activity. The union provides a lot of support if that's the case."
"There's a great range of sports clubs and societies. All the students are friendly, despite the lack of nightclubs. The students and social events more than make up for this lack."
"Sports are varied in terms of the clubs with lots of opportunities to enter into leagues and compete. Societies are plentiful and the social events that arise through sports or societies are good."
"There are plenty of social clubs and sports clubs to choose from as well as very well developed theatre and art communities."
"There are over 100 societies and several sports clubs that are varied and accessible. The sports centre is also undergoing a renovation for future enjoyment."
"The sports clubs are a very good way to make friends. They meet several times a week and hold social events. The union holds a sports night every Wednesday and there are plenty of societies ranging from wildlife and conservation to Doctor Who to the adventure group. There really is something for everyone."
"Great social environment and sports clubs that are very accepting of people of all abilities so you can join any sport to have fun. Music clubs are mostly auditioned though, making it much harder to do music for fun."
"It's all very vibrant and makes for a great community feel."

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