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Please comment on the support you’ve had from the careers services, the type of employers that present and recruit on campus, the effectiveness of the alumni network, as well as fairs and on-campus recruitment activity.


"We have an excellent careers service, which just seems to get better each year. It offers a huge range of services from careers talks to sessions to help enhance your CV and interview skills and even networking opportunities. In recent years, a third-year student has joined the careers centre team and seems to have enhanced it a great deal. She has introduced numerous internship opportunities and highlighted successful work-shadowing schemes, which run during the spring, summer and winter holidays. Our student support services, CAPOD, have been running a programme called the professional skills curriculum, consisting of numerous different workshops and lectures centred around skills such as negotiation and persuasion, teamwork, confidence and communication. A new student-led initiative called the 'Centre for Soft Skills' has launched this year, running workshops and inviting guest speakers to improve on skills such as public speaking and negotiation."
"The careers service is great, just a little busy so it is difficult to get an appointment most of the time."
"I have met with the careers centre many times for both post-graduation jobs and immediate part-time work. Every time I have left the meeting with a pile of brochures and not much else."
"There are many work experiences, from volunteering to internships with NGOs or businesses, and there are also volunteering programmes. The university helps with information, guides you and supports you financially if you need."
"The careers centre is very approachable and organises events for students at least once each semester. It also runs its own website, which is full of resources for students and very helpful."
"The career centre appears to be very supportive, providing services and advice covering nearly all the matters throughout the job application procedure."
"The careers centre hosts numerous events throughout the year, including jobs fairs. Employers will usually come to these fairs but can also be reached using alternative means. All job offerings can be found on the university careers centre website."


"They are there to support us, but I think more could be done. On-campus recruitment happens primarily at a few careers fairs. However, there are a lot of resources provided for us, especially online."
"There were some careers fairs but none that targeted my field. The alumni network has been weak and the careers centre can be hard to reach."
"Great if you want to work for the Big 4, not so great if you don't."
"I've had a few sessions at the careers centre but they weren't very helpful. I haven't been made aware of other opportunities available."
"If you make the effort to engage with the careers centre, it can be incredibly helpful. There could be more promotion and opportunities for internships offered etc."
"There are constant appearances in lectures to give us advice and workshops offering help on CV writing. There are also alumni connecting events at least yearly."
"The careers centre provides great advice and support when needed. However, more on-campus recruitment activity is desired as not many subject-specific events take place."
"There's a very academic approach, not so much of a vocational one."
"The careers service often comes in and does workshops in our class. These have included a LinkedIn and a CV workshop. We also get regular emails with information allowing us to sign up to further career-boosting activities such as the university award scheme. There was a science careers fair too, and this was very helpful."

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