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What are the best things about studying at your university?


"Campuses are all close together, public transport is very easy to use and you get a free bus pass in your first year. The nightlife is great with countless clubs with events for everyone's music taste. Making friends is way easier than I thought as there are lots of societies that are all very fun to join. Lecturers are all very helpful and reply to emails almost straight away in my experience."
"Fun people, a lovely campus, good halls, great facilities and equipment, great cafés and food places and great student facilities."
"The great support from university staff and the chances to join different societies and make friends with students from different cultures. The facilities such as gym and libraries are great."
"Societies are all really strong and have a really nice link between them all. The students' union venues (bars and cafés etc) are all really good value."
"I love this uni because it is very diverse and I have made friends from all over the world. There are also loads of societies on offer at the students' union so there is something for everyone. The support is also quite good from some of the lecturers and there are many work opportunities as well to gain experience while at university."
"There are lots of societies and a good nightlife. The course is very highly regarded and careers opportunities are abundant."
"It's a campus in a student city that is small enough to get around but big enough to provide everything you need. This includes transport links to London, affordable housing and halls, a good student community, good union outlets, a good careers service, and good sporting facilities."
"You make loads of friends and there are loads of societies to join. The students' union puts on loads of events to help freshers be more active. The nightlife is good, Southampton's city centre is nice and West Quay is a great shopping centre with loads of restaurants and a very good cinema. There is plenty of academic support at the university for your course and most of my lecturers so far have been great. Most of the student halls that you can stay in are only ten minutes away from campus. I now rent a house with my flatmates from first year and that is only a few minutes further from campus. Campus also has plenty of places to study and eat in and also has its own student bar and club. You also get a free bus pass in your first year, which helps and the bus service isn't that expensive anyway."


"There seems to be such a wide range of opportunities offered that I struggle to keep up with all of them. All of them are well organised and give great opportunities to grow and build your CV."
"Great students' union. Cheap and affordable town. A good Russell Group university with a good reputation."
"The lecturers are extremely enthusiastic about their subjects. It's a Russell Group uni so has connections and there are law firms that come in to give talks."
"Beautiful clean campus and great teaching staff. It's in a great location on the south coast."
"The lecturers and the location. The campus is nice and part of the Russell Group so has prestige. It's a supportive environment and the course is interesting."
"Very good on-site facilities and the lecturers are generally good. There's lots of support and opportunities for internships etc."
"Brilliant course with access to research vessels and great laboratories. Hands-on learning where we gain skills that are directly applicable to potential jobs."
"The facilities for Ocean and Earth Science are unrivalled. The teaching staff are brilliant, along with the NOC itself and all of the facilities available."
"The large variety of sports/clubs offered. Proximity to New Forest and beaches."
"The location and unilink buses ensure that it's easy to get everywhere you want to be in Southampton. There are open green spaces, like Southampton common. Halls are great and the course is good. Lovely campus includes great sports facilities. There are supermarkets etc nearby."

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